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Unique and Unusual Gifts for Your Pet

For those of us who relish in spoiling our pets, we’re always looking for something new to delight our animal companions. The more unusual the item, the more it piques our interest. Here are five whacky thing-a-ma-jigs that are perfect for the pet that has it all.

1. The Bird Pack
Leaving your pet bird at home is a thing of the past. Now you can take your bird with you on errands, family vacations and — take this, all you dogs out there — car rides. The Pak O Bird will even rival some of those swanky small-dog carriers, no doubt about it. Especially since the Pak O Bird is essentially a playground-on-the-go for your feathered friend.

Available in a range of sizes suited for birds including Cockatiels, parakeets, lovebirds, African Grey parrots, Goffins, Amazon parrots, Conures and even those with long-tail feathers, the Pak O Bird may also be secured with a seat belt for car rides and is collapsible for easy storage. This soft-sided, backpack-style bird carrier can be carried in front of you or on your back. Now that’s something to squawk about. For more information, visit this link.

2. Hidden Hollow for Cats
Consider this one a twofold: not only can you decorate your living room with a tree that requires no care, your feline friends can fantasize that they’re living in the wild. Standing at six feet tall, the Hidden Hollow is handcrafted from wood and fabric to give it an authentic sapling appearance.

Your cat will surely enjoy hiding out on one of the four platforms, two of which are cleverly hidden in the treetop, amongst non-toxic leaves. It’s like a tree house for cats! There’s even a sleepy hollow at the base of the tree — a perfect area for a catnap. Check out this link for more info.

3. High Rise Dog Bowl
Got a big dog that likes to eat in style? Maybe you’re bored with all the dime-a-dozen ceramic bowls decorated with colorful dog bones. You want something a bit trendier to suit your home décor. Check out this sleek, contemporary doggie dish. Made of durable porcelain and glazed in a high gloss finish, this is the bowl you’ve been searching for.

The High-Rise Dog Bowl is available in nickel or white, and comes in three heights: 4 inches, 9 inches and 12 inches. One setback: you’ll have to keep a microfiber cloth on hand to keep the bowl shiny and drool free. Small price to pay to keep up with the Joneses. Visit this page for additional information.

4. Pawds 3-in-1 Pet Beds
It’s a nest! It’s a mat! It’s reversible! It’s a three-in-one dog bed, although cats could very well warm up to this idea, too. The Pawds 3-in-1 Pet Bed comes in a variety of flush fabrics and patterns. Picky pets will love the diversity of the bed itself: cinch it up to create a nesting bed, lay it flat for a more traditional style.

The entire bed is machine washable. Custom orders available for large dogs that prefer to “donut” during bedtime. Need more information? Check out this link.

5. Tortoise Play Pen
Exotic pets like to maintain their wild style, too. Here’s an opportunity to grant your indoor tortoise some outdoor time. The Tortoise Play Pen safely encloses your tortoise on your lawn for instant access to grass and beneficial UVB rays. There’s even a private sleeping area where your tortoise may retreat to after a lazy day in the sun.

Check with your veterinarian before letting your tortoise venture outside and always make sure someone is nearby to keep an eye on the playpen. Even a slowpoke can beat the odds and take off. Visit this page for more info.

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