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8 Products to Keep in Your First Aid Kit

As the weather gets colder and driving around in snow (or ice) becomes more likely, be prepared for potential health-related issue with 21st Century Essential Pet Care products. Essential Pet has multiple products to support your dog’s and cat’s health needs. Below is a short list of a few common health issues that our products can help you with. Stock up on our PetSmart exclusive products and be prepared for anything!

This month we are featuring 8 Essential Pet products to have readily available in your home. It could save you time, money and stress.

8 products

  1. Diarrhea – Did your dog eat something he shouldn’t have and now he’s feeling it? Essential Pet has a product that offers fast relief for an upset stomach. We offer digestion products for dogs and cats. Give your pet soothing relief with our trusted, veterinarian formulated products.
  2. Fever – Do you know if your pet’s temperature is normal? Is your pet acting strangely? It might be a good idea to have a thermometer on hand, just in case. You’ll get accurate readings in as little as 10 seconds with this digital thermometer.
  3. Gas – A dog with a lot of gas is no fun for anyone. Excessive gas can be uncomfortable for your pets and holiday visitors! Offer support for the reduction of pet gas with Gas Be Gone™ for Dogs.
  4. Liquid Bandage – Don’t forget to have liquid bandage in your first aid kit. It’s easy to use and waterproof. Cuts and scrapes happen. Be prepared with this fast-acting spray-on formula.
  5. Minor Cuts – Can you tell that your dog is in pain? Don’t let your pooch suffer through the agony. Essential Pet has a product for that! Canine Aspirin is used for temporary pain relief. It is available in dosages for both small and large breed dogs.
  6. Sore Skin – Is your pet itching and scratching? Hot Spot Spray for Cats is used for fast relief from itching, scratching and raw, sore skin. Add this to your cat’s first aid kit and be ready when sore skin occurs.
  7. Stress and Nervous behavior – We’ve covered this topic in more detail once or twice, but it’s always a nice reminder for pet owners. There is calming support for your nervous dog or cat!
  8. Wax Build-Up – Got wax? Keep your dog’s ears clean with this reliable product: Essential Pet Clean Ear Cleansing Liquid. Use it on a routine basis to dissolve wax and keep ears clean.


21st Century Animal HealthCare has several pet health products to keep in your pet’s first aid kit. Pet health is what we do, and luckily it’s easy to find our products at PetSmart stores nationwide!

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