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Help Your Pet Stay Calm During the Holidays

Allee_my_assistance_dog.Happy Holidays! What a wonderful time of the year for humans, but what about your nervous pets? Does your pet get stressed during the holidays?

If you read our Halloween post, you know that the holidays can be very stressful for some pets. The hustle and bustle, new noises and even the Christmas tree can cause angst among many furry friends. The good new is this: We have products exclusively available at PetSmart that will offer your pet calming support for uncomfortable situations.

Let’s start by identifying a few situations to watch out for this holiday season.

  1. Some pets are excellent with people and others are not. Do you have a nervous cat or dog? If you are reading this post and have a nervous pet, you know exactly what we are talking about. As much as we love little children, sometimes pets get incredibly tense around kids because children tend to be a little rougher with them.
  1. New smells. What do the holidays bring? Yummy food and curious smells. Pet owners beware! See our most recent post about feeding your pet table food. Yummy smelling food may not cause your pets stress, but ingesting something they shouldn’t sure can.
  1. Oh Christmas tress, Oh Christmas tree! Watch your pet around the Christmas tree, if you plan to put one up. You probably already know some of the hazards including needles, tree water, ornaments and more. Read up on holiday safety tips to avoid problems.
  1. Ding-Dong. Does your doorbell ring more often during the holidays? Are you lucky enough to have carolers visiting your neighborhood? Does UPS frequent your doorstep? All of these doorbell-ringing opportunities may leave your pet feeling anxious. Is your dog a nervous barker? Try a calming support product from 21st Century Pet.
  1. The holidays can be very busy for some people. There are presents to buy, shopping to do and parties to attend. Do you have a pet with separation anxiety? If so, we feel your pain. You don’t want to leave your sweetheart home (sometimes cooped up in a kennel) alone and missing you! Be proactive. Plan ahead for these times and try not to leave your nervous pet feeling too lonely during the holidays.
  1. Change in Routine. Some pets get worried when there is a sudden change in the routine. Are you too busy to take frequent daily walks with your dog? Is the weather outside causing your pet to fret? The colder weather and holiday hustle and bustle can leave your pet feeling confused. Why am I not getting as much attention?

Keep these holiday stressors in mind this season. Don’t leave your pet feeling stressed. Here are a few options for your anxious pet from 21st Century:

  • Pet-EZE™ Paw Paste for Cats – Offer your cat calming support in a paste. It’s a great tasting way to calm your feline friend when holiday visitors come knocking on your door. This product is offered exclusively at PetSmart stores.

Does your pet have any other nervous triggers during the busier months of the year? Share them with us by emailing us at Remember to include a picture of your pet and we’ll post it to our Facebook and/or Twitter page!

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