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Top 10 Reasons Pets are Great for Kids, Part 1

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When asking for a pet, “what will I gain from this experience?” is not something that remotely enters a child’s mind. After seeing a certain pet in a movie, or reading about one in a story, they must have one! However, parents are thinking, “I’m not sure this is such a good idea. Will my child lose interest after the new wears off?” Despite the questions of responsibility and interest, pets can be great for kids. With the right tools and techniques, parents can learn to teach their children how to properly engage with and care for a pet. With a little guidance, a child can gain positive life lessons and a special love that only a pet can provide. These are just a few of the benefits a child can learn by having a pet. 

Healthy Lifestyle

Most pets such as dogs, cats, and even rabbits can be taken for walks and spend a lot of time outside. As a result, the child spends more time outside with them. This gets them out of the house and has a positive impact on their health. It can also reduce stress. Nowadays, kids are quick to hop off the school bus, grab some snacks and rush to play their favorite video game. Having a pet to greet them when they get home gives them something to look forward to and be excited about spending time outside with their companion.

Caregiving and Social Skills

A child having a pet teaches them how to care for another being. As they learn to nurture and care for the pet, they are also learning how to responsibly care of other human beings as well. For instance, walking the dog, cleaning the litterbox or cleaning out a pet’s cage teaches the child responsibility. This responsibility gives the child a feeling of being an adult, which we all know is a young child’s main goal. Wanting to take the responsibility as an adult and care for the pet will be an easy way to keep the child engaged with the pet, especially after a few weeks when the excitement wears off.


Pets instinctively act as a guide or a parental figure, which can be life changing to an upset or lonely child. The child will learn that no matter what, they’re companion will understand without judgment or criticism. They will come to their furry confidant knowing that with a lick on the face or nuzzle on the chin everything will be okay. The kind of comfort only a pet can provide.

Learning to Deal with Death

Sadly, the animal world is not immune to death. This can be difficult for a child, who probably has not experienced death much, if at all. Although painful, the loss of a beloved pet helps the child learn that, at some point, all life must end. Learning this will help them learn to deal and cope with future losses and deaths. They will then learn that it is okay to talk about death and their emotions. Understanding that death is a normal and inevitable part of life will prepare the child for many painful life situations.

Brings Family Together

Adults and children alike consider pets as part of the family. Making sure the pet is around during family time, such as family movie or game night, or just hanging out, can bring a family together. The pet provides a common bond between all of the family members, which brings the family closer. This also provides more opportunities for the child to spend with the pet, even if it is not one on one, the child is still engaging in activities with the pet and family.

Editor’s Note: This is just part one in a two part post. Stay tuned for 5 more excellent reasons pets are great for kids!

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