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Top 10 Reasons Pets are Great for Kids, Part 2

pets and kidsIf you haven’t read the first part to this post, please do here: Top 10 Reasons, Part 1. Thank you for taking the time to read our blog! Enjoy!


Therapy pets can be an important part of a child’s life. Therapy pets are mostly dogs, but can also include cats, rabbits, horses and even birds. Therapy pets can be life savers for children with diseases and allergies. For instance, a therapy pet can calm a child with autism or detect a life threatening allergy to a child with anaphylaxis. These amazing animals can help the disabled child perform everyday tasks that they would not normally be able to do. This gives them a feeling of freedom ad companion they feel understands them.

Enhance Literacy Skills

It goes without saying that pets are great listeners. This provides a great opportunity for children to practice reading without feeling pressured or embarrassed. The more they read to their pet, the more their reading skills improve. This makes them more confident when having to read at school. The more their reading improves, the more they will want to progress to different levels of reading. Also, with their pet involved it makes reading more fun for the child. It makes them feel like they are the teacher, which keeps their interest. The better they do, the more they will want to read.

Provide Comfort

Pets can provide love and comfort during the hard times that life inevitably throws at us no matter our age. Anyone who owns a pet knows, they are truly amazing at calming and caring about their owners. This being so, when something traumatic happens in a child’s life, instead of acting out in a negative way, they will turn to their furry friend for love and support, which the pet will be happy to provide.

Compassion and Patience

When the pet does something wrong, the child can be taught how to properly handle the situation. When learning to train their pet, the child has no choice, but to learn patience. Besides, in training a pet, the human is being trained as well in how handle the animal. When the pet does something wrong, the child will know how to properly know how to handle the situation instead of reacting violently. This overlays into a child’s relationships with other humans. The child learns that the pet is more than just a cuddly toy. It is a living being with needs. After learning this, the child will likely strive to meet the needs of the animal to make sure it is well taken care of and happy.

Happiness and Friendship

Pets offer a friendship like no other. The type of friendship that once the bond is formed it will never be broken. Pets act as playmates and adventures to children. Whether it’s going to the park or fighting dragons in the backyard, a pet, no matter how big or small, is always willing to lend a paw. Pets can even act as caretakers themselves, offering a child true unconditional love. That in itself is one of the greatest aspects of a child and their pet.

All of these aspects and more are benefits of a child having a pet. To prepare the child parents can give them extra chores to see if they can handle the extra responsibility. Parents can even write up a “contract” for the child to sign to make the child feel that they are making an adult decision and therefore, must uphold their agreement. These simple teachings before and after getting a pet can have a great impact on the rest of the child’s life.

Do you have any other great reasons why pets are wonderful for kids? Share them with us!


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