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Indoor Activities to Keep Your Pooch Active and Engaged When it’s too HOT to Play Outside

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Google predicts that only one day this week will top out below the triple digits here in sunny Arizona. While that might sound nice to some people that enjoy being outside in the sun with the hot sun on their backs, but what about our furry friends. How do they feel about the ‘dog days of summer’?

Since we can’t exactly ask them and expect a verbal yay or nay, we’ll assume that being outside for extended amounts of time is not only uncomfortable for most pets, but can also be dangerous. Luckily, there are other things you can do with your pet to keep them energized and entertained indoors. Keep your pet from feeling cooped up in the house by trying a few of these fun indoor activities.

5 Fun-Filled Indoor Activities for Dogs  

  1. Play Hide-the-Treat

Indoor games are a great way to keep your pet from feeling inactive indoors. Try hiding their favorite treat in an inconspicuous place in the home. Offer hints and positive feedback when they find your simple hiding place. Since you might not want to give your dog too many treats in one day, consider breaking up the treat into smaller pieces so the game can last longer than a few minutes. It’s a great idea to encourage indoor exercise for your pets!

  1. Take them to a pet-friendly location around town – but make sure there’s not a lot of outdoor time for your pet

Do you have any restaurants or stores that allow pets in your town or city (make sure they are allowed inside the restaurant)? Take your dog to a pet-friendly place just to get out of the house. Be sure to use air conditioning, bring extra water for your pet and never leave them in the car alone. This is dangerous for many reasons. If you are from the Phoenix area, here is an article that gives you dog-friendly options around the city.

  1. Spoil them with new pet toys

While going along with #2, you might want to take your pet out a pet-friendly store and have him or her pick out a few new indoors play toys. This will get your dog out of the house and give them hours of enjoyment to follow. Some people use pet strollers or booties to keep their pet’s paws off the hot concrete. This is something to consider when your pet will be traveling from one cool place to the other – even if it’s just for a minute or two.      

  1. Invite a furry friend over to play

Does your dog have a furry friend they might like to have a play date with? Just like you might meet up with a pet at the park, consider inviting them over to your house. This could be a little bit more complicated (especially if the pet likes to mark his or her territory in homes), but it could end up being loads of fun and exercise for both dogs. This tip might not work for everyone. It’s a good one to keep in mind for two dogs who are the best of friends.

  1. Take your dog to an indoor doggy daycare center

Some dogs are more social than others. If your dog is one that enjoys being around other pets, this could be the perfect way to get them socialization without having to spend hours at a pet park (it might be too hot outside for that) or in the backyard barking at the neighbor’s dog.   

Have fun and we hope you can beat the heat and still provide some fun for your dog!

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