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Bad Poetry – Is There Such a Thing?


Last month there was actually a holiday called “Bad Poetry Day” (August 13). Is there such a thing as bad poetry? What do think?

There are many types of poetry out there, some you might understand and some you don’t. There is poetry that you might dislike, but your best friend loves more than anything. Perhaps it’s just a matter of taste. And does that make it “bad” poetry?

To help us answer this question we had Simon and Sparky, our pet celebrity team, write a poem each to see if there was really such thing as “bad” poetry. Enjoy!


I Like Being Outside

by Sparky, the dog

When the weather is nice and my tail is wagging, I like being outside.

When the grass smells good and my owner lets me sniff it, I like being outside.

When the wind blows my hair and the trees make swishing sounds, I like being outside.

When the neighbor dogs come to play and my owner throws the ball all day, I like being outside.

Can we go outside and play now?

She Has a Beautiful Smile

by Simon, the cat

That little girl with the blond hair and blue eyes that open so wide,

I want her by my side.


She looks at me with longing eyes,

It’s as if she would tell no lies.


So many people pass me by as I sit and wait,

Will they adopt me or find another mate?


No girl have I ever wanted before,

And we get visitors at this shelter galore.


Will she bring me to my new home?

Or will I sit here all alone?


Now they’re leading me into another room – the room with the welcome rug,

she picks me up and gives me the warmest, most loving hug.


I rub up against her legs and give her a big affectionate lick,

Will I be good enough for her to pick?


Poems are so much fun! We hope you enjoyed these poems by Simon and Sparky. Do you have any favorite pet-related poems? Share them with us on our Facebook page. We’d love to hear from you!

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