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25 Reasons to Love a Senior Pet  


The month of November is officially Senior Pet Appreciation Month! There are many reasons to love and appreciate a senior pet (and all pets). Although older pets can often be overlooked, more and more people are starting to realize that adopting a senior dog or cat has several rewards. Below are numerous quick reasons to love – and perhaps adopt – an older dog or cat.

NOTE: Not all dogs or cats are created equally. These fun-loving reasons will not apply to all of our furry friends.

  1. You know what to expect.
  2. They might be potty trained already!
  3. Older pets might be trained with basic obedience skills.
  4. Senior pets tend to be calmer and have less “puppy” in them.
  5. You automatically know how big they are going to get! You don’t have to wait and see.
  6. Adopting an older dog might mean that you are saving his or her life.
  7. They’ve been around the block and know what to do around the house.
  8. Some senior pets require less exercise than their younger counterparts.
  9. They are over their ‘chewing on shoes’ phase of life.
  10. Older pets are wise.
  11. Your senior pet might be more willing to share cuddle time with you.
  12. They are beautiful creatures no matter how old they are.
  13. Their personality might not be a mystery.
  14. Senior pets show their independence!
  15. Old is beautiful.
  16. You will feel good about having an older pet around the house. There’s something incredibly wonderful about them.
  17. They offer devotion and love like you wouldn’t believe.
  18. Senior pets that have remained in the same household become predictable and appreciate their forever homes.
  19. They know what they want and will show you.
  20. Older pets can show younger pets the ropes.
  21. They make great friends.
  22. They might be old, but they can still hang with the little dogs.
  23. Older pets can read human emotions and understand you more deeply.
  24. They might be less destructive around the house – in more ways than one.
  25. Senior pets can be very family friendly.

Did we miss a great reason or two? Share your ideas, and/or pictures of your loving senior pet on our Facebook page. No matter what age a pet is, we love them all the same! 


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