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10 New Year’s Resolutions From Your Pet

Mixed breed dog three on a sofa.

Let’s imagine that our animals could tell us exactly what they wanted to achieve in 2017. Let’s also assume that our dogs and cats have the same standards of living as us. Now, after imagining these things – what would your furry companion put on his New Year’s Resolution list? What would he want to work on in the upcoming year?

Most pets aim to please, so it’s possible that a lot of the pets in the world would put things on their list that you would want them to “fix”.

A few New Year’s Resolutions that would undoubtedly make many pet-resolution lists include:

  1. I resolve to stop jumping up on the counter and stealing food from Mom and Dad.
  2. This year I will watch my weight and stop sneaking extra food from Fido’s bowl.
  3. I will work on barking at every car that drives by and every person that walks by the front window.
  4. I will stop stealing the cats’ food when Mom leaves it out on the floor at home!
  5. This year I will try to stop going potty on my favorite carpet in the house. Even if Mom and Dad don’t notice every time, it still starts to smell.
  6. Even though my poo poo tastes pretty good after I leave it in the yard, in 2017 I will try not to be tempted to eat it.
  7. This is the year to eat less garbage food – literally. I can’t resist the food that’s in the trash can! I’ll work on it.
  8. I will stay away from Dad’s great tasting, chewy shoes this year. They seem like toys, but I’m guessing based on his reaction that they are not.
  9. This year I will attempt to stop smelling everything (or at least half the fire hydrants and light poles) outside as I go for my daily walk.
  10. I will stop picking on my feline roomie. She’s just so fun to wrestle with!

Can you relate to any of these pet resolutions? Do you think your pet would have this on their list? LIKE our Facebook page and tell us more about what you think your pet would add to his or her list!

Happy New Year! We hope you enjoy 2017!!!

This post is dedicated to all the loving and loyal pets out there. We love you even when you do things we don’t particularly enjoy!

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