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How can you make road trips easier for pets?

Don’t forget to think about your furry friend while planning for your next summer vacation. Driving in the car with your pet does not have to be a negative experience. You don’t necessarily have to leave them at home, at a pet hotel (unless they love it – of course) or with a pet sitter. Bring them along for the fun!

Here are a few quick tips to bringing your pet along for the ride:

  1. To prepare for the longer trip, take shorter car rides to see how your pet will act or what they might need for the longer vacation.
  2. Animals can sense a change in emotions. Try not to be stressed or rush your pet into the car.
  3. Try Pet-EZE Soft Chews and tablets. They are a great option to offer calming support to your pet for a road trip. Remember to give these treats in advance of your travel and not just as you set out to get the most benefit. Pet-Eze is exclusively available in PetSmart stores nationwide.
  4. Exercise and play with your pet right before the road trip.
  5. Allow your pet to get familiar with the space. Consider putting them in a crate that they are to use with a blanket they recognize. Calm Paws calming products are also a great option to help on the road trip and they smell great for you too. The more familiar and comfortable the space, the better.

As pet owners, we want them to feel safe and comfortable. That’s our number one goal. It’s not always easy traveling with pets, but with the right training mixed with the right product, it can turn into a pleasant and fun experience.

What should you do before you go?

Remember to check with your veterinarian before you take your dog or cat on a vacation. Let them know your plans and get their opinion on whether or not your pets are suited for it. There are many benefits to having your furry companion tag along with you on a vacation, but there is nothing wrong with leaving your pet behind with someone or somewhere your trust.

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