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Back-to-school: Help your pets cope

Summer break is coming to a close. Kids are chomping at the bits to go back-to-school (just kidding), but what about our furry family members? How will they cope with the schedule change? There are several ways to make the transition back-to-school run more smoothly for everyone.

Prepare for the inevitable

One important step is preparation. Making sure everyone is not caught off guard by this sudden change is the best way to help avoid separation anxiety and stress. The change in routine is something you might not be able to avoid. However, doing a few things to prepare might be exactly what they need to make it through the adjustment.

To help you prepare, you might want to talk with your pet’s veterinarian about separation anxiety. Does your dog suffer every time there is a change in their routine? Do they pace or have issues when no one is around? Your veterinarian should have advice on how to help your pet cope.

What can you do to help your pet with back-to-school? 

  • Start adding a few things to their routine that will take place after the kids go back-to-school. For example, if you also have been home for the summer you might want to take a few short trips outside of the home without your pet. If you pet is not used to you being away, start doing so in smaller increments.


  • Exercise is always a great way to start the day. Give your pet quality one-on-one time in the morning with a leisurely walk. Some pets need a nice morning stroll to start the day. This can also help them become more tired for remainder of the day. In this case, they could be sleepier and ready for a less active day without the kids.


  • Distraction is a great way to keep them from noticing the change of pace. Consider purchasing new toys that will last longer than a few days. Some pets like to stay busy while their owners are away. Think of ways to keep you pet happy and entertained. Get creative. Try apps like Pinterest for fun ideas for your pets!


Believe it or not, some dogs are ready for back-to-school!

For some pets, back-to-school time is actually a relief. Dogs and cats work hard to keep their humans happy and busy. They might actually be ready for the down time. Do you have a pet that follows you from room to room and when you’re not around all they do is sleep? They might prefer to relax a bit!
We hope you had a wonderful summer with your family! Let us know how back-to-school goes for you. As always, feel free to reach out to us on our Facebook page:

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