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What does your dog do for a living?

Most dogs serve in the role of companion animals. There are many dogs and pets, however, that have a specific job aside from being lovable and wonderful creatures.

What “job” does your dog have? Is your dog a service animal? Does your Canine help you on the farm?

As you enjoy your pet and the contributions they’ve made to your life, think about the wonderful things that he or she brings to the table. This is what makes pets so great. They really are incredible creatures!

So what are dogs across America doing? Research shows that certain dog breeds are meant or born to do certain things. For instance, specific dog breeds excel at police work. A Shih Tzu might not be the best detective dog, but a German Shepherd might be.

Let’s take a moment to thank all of the amazing dogs out there for a job well done! Thank you!

Here is a list of 10 common jobs dogs are excelling at every day. Think of how many people they are able to help! Think of how happy they are doing what they were born to do. Thank you to all of the service dogs and their caretakers. We couldn’t do it without you.

Dogs with jobs:

  1. Seeing eye dog- Talk about obedience, instincts and intuition! These dogs offer so much to someone who needs assistance in getting around. Not only are they an amazing companion, but they also keep their owners safe.
  2. Police dog- you’ve seen them at the airport and sitting proudly next to police officers all over the United States. Police dogs use their incredible senses to discover things that humans can’t.
  3. Service dog – Helping people is what a service dog loves to do. Thank you to all of the wonderful and reliable service dogs out there.
  4. Show dogs – You can’t say this doesn’t look like a hard job! Think about all of the hours of hard work they put into their profession.
  5. Acting dogs – Lassie!
  6. Herd dogs – If you’ve ever seen these dogs in action, it’s something you will never forget. It’s a pretty fantastic sight.
  7. Sniffing dogs – A sniffing dog might be a police dog or a rescue dog. Either way, they sure can sniff out a stinky situation.
  8. Sled dogs – How cool are they!
  9. Rescue dogs – Imagine if a rescue dog found someone you loved that was missing. It’s just incredible what a rescue dog can do.
  10. Dogs of social media – And last but not least, of course, the thousands or millions of pets of social media. There are so many dogs that have become celebrities through Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Dogs even have their own blogs!

No matter what role your dog is in or job they are performing, take the time to appreciate what they’re doing for you, your family and others. Your dog might be doing something unique and spectacular or he is simply there for you at the end of a long hard day. Either way, our lives would not be the same without them! #WeLoveDogs

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