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21 DIY Projects for Pet Lovers  

In 2017, it seems like we are becoming a ‘get things done’ society and doing things ourselves (DIY) has become increasingly more common. When it comes to your pets and their needs, what types of DIY projects do you do for or with your pets?

As the warmer weather comes to a close, you might find yourself in an artistic, do-it-yourself kind of mood. Below are a few fun ideas to try. Make your pet your guinea pig (literally and not literally) as you try out these projects that could potentially be great DIY holiday gifts!

Send us pictures via our pet-lovin’ Facebook page of any DIY projects you’ve done with your pets.

Here are 21 fun DIY projects for pet owners:

  1. Make your pet a new bed
  2. Build your dog or cat a house
  3. Make them a new outfit
  4. Create a homemade costume
  5. Create a dog leash holder
  6. Build them a pet tent
  7. Help your pet look adorable with a no-sew bow tie
  8. Put together a pet tee-pee
  9. Make a variety of homemade cat wands
  10. Build your cat a scratch pad
  11. Bake them made from scratch food
  12. Make your cat a few felted fish toys
  13. Make your own dog treats
  14. Make a pet bowl stand for your dog or cat
  15. Build an easy dog food canister
  16. Make a few dog toys
  17. Create a paw print project
  18. Craft your own dog waste bag holder
  19. DIY a dog leash out of t-shirts
  20. Make your puppy special booties
  21. Build or refit a cabinet to house all your pet’s toys, meds, collars, leashes, waste bags, treats and food in one place so you always know where to go to get something for them.

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