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Christmas Tree and Holiday Home Decor: Keep Your Pets Safe

Are your pets having a hard time keeping their paws off your Christmas tree and/or other holiday decorations? Don’t worry! There are a few quick tricks to keep your pets from getting hurt on your Christmas tree and holiday decorations. Happy holidays from all of us at 21st Century Animal Healthcare, the makers of Essential Pet products and other trusted pet health brands.

Ask yourself these questions to test whether or not your holiday decorations are safe for your pets.

Is your tree in the best possible location?

You might need to move the location of your tree or holiday ornaments. Choose a location that is not easily accessible to pets. You might consider a corner or someplace where your pet can’t easily jump from one spot onto the Christmas tree. Curiosity can end up putting your pet in a dangerous situation.

Is your Christmas tree sturdy enough?

Make sure your tree stays in place and is stable. The last thing you want is for your tree to tip over. Make sure the base is stable and there’s not a lot of movement.

How long are your extension cords?

Consider using a short extension cord. Are you using an extension cord for your tree or lights? Some pets love playing with electrical wires. Consider using something with less slack.

Are your tree lights on when you leave the home?

Always turn off the power to your tree and other electric decorations when you leave the house. This is a good idea whether you have pets or not.

Are the ornaments in the right place?

Expensive ornaments should go toward the top of the tree. Curious pets might grab at ornaments toward the bottom. Putting the cheaper and more safe ornaments where your pets can possibly grab them is a great place to start.

Is your pet listening to your commands?

Use your behavior commands anytime the pet is in an area you do not want him or her to be.

Can your pet knock over the tabletop tree?

A tabletop tree might not be in the cards this year! If your pet is grabbing at the tree ornaments, you might not want to have something on a tabletop where they can easily knock it over.

How many glass ornaments do you have?

Try silk Christmas ornaments instead of glass. They are very beautiful and offer an alternative to glass ornaments that are not always safe for your pets.

As a reminder: Real mistletoe and poinsettias are dangerous to pets, if ingested. Consider keeping them off your holiday décor or substituting with silk versions instead.

We hope you have a wonderful holiday season. Keep checking back here for more pet Christmas and holiday related blog posts! Thank you for reading the Paw Print blog.

Photo credit: From flickr by R. Robertson

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