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5 Ways to Feel Closer to the Pets You Love

Have you looked at your dog lately and thought: Where has the time gone? Or have you been so busy with work, school and kids that you don’t know the last time when you sat down and just hung out with your pet? You’re not alone.

Life gets insanely busy. Thanksgiving was a blink of an eye. Christmas has come and gone. Do you even remember what you got this year? With the hustle and bustle of life, it might be a good idea to focus on the present. Try a few of these tips to help you focus on the NOW and enjoy each day with your furry friends.

Note: These tips will work with other people in your life that you want to feel more engaged with, too. Where the word pet shows up, just insert something else. Give it a try!

1. Make an effort to give your pet several minutes of undivided one-on-one time each day. This is good for you and your pet. If you have multiple pets, take turns. Talk to your pet while you hang out in these moments. Notice if he or she looks well, acts happy or has anything that’s changed. Taking time to show individual attention is therapeutic to all parties involved. And it helps you not to miss anything.

2. Go for a walk together at least 4 times per week, weather permitting. Don’t walk too fast. Enjoy the scenery and the connectedness while your pet has fun spending time outside with you.

3. Do something special for your pet. Get them a gift or a treat from the store. Make it a big deal. Pets want to feel loved and appreciated. You might also consider taking them with you to pick it out!

4. Invite them in the room. Do you find yourself shutting the door so you can get privacy while working from home or concentrating on something? Enjoy their presence as much as possible. Sometimes being in the same room with you is exactly what your pet wants or needs.

5. Read a book or watch a movie with your pet next to a cozy fire. This one might not be for everyone, but for pets that do enjoy relaxation and can sit still during a book, try it out. Cuddle up if you want to. Or just enjoy the fireplace together.

Spending time with those you love is an important part of life. We get wrapped up in the things we must do and the to-do lists that must be completed. It’s hard to appreciate the NOW. Give these 5 tips a try and see how you feel afterwards. Chances are, you won’t look at your pet as often and say: “Gosh, I miss you! When did you get so big?”

Enjoy today!

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