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6 Gift Ideas for Pet-Lovers

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The stores are buzzing and deliveries are showing up on our doorsteps every day- it’s officially the season of giving. Whether you like to get your shopping done early or you enjoy the adrenaline rush of hitting up the stores on Christmas Eve, one thing is for certain: we could all use a little help. This year, take the guesswork out of shopping for the pet-lovers on your list. We’ve got 6 great ideas that will pawsitively knock their socks off.

6 Gift Ideas for Pet-Lovers

1. A trendy cat scratching post

Anyone who has a cat knows that scratching posts are a furniture-saving necessity. Luckily, there are many different styles on the market. From gingerbread houses to DJ turntables, a unique scratching pad or post is sure to delight the cat-lover on your list.

2. Personalized treat jar

Whether you opt to DIY this gift or order it, a personalized jar to hold their pet’s favorite snacks is sure to please any pet owner. Make the gift even sweeter by filling it with homemade treats!

3. Items featuring their pet

Any pet-lover enjoys being surrounded with little reminders of their furry friends, even when they aren’t right by their side. Life in the digital age makes it easier than ever to add a photo to anything: think mouse pads, key chains, calendars, even throw pillows and blankets. You can never go wrong with a gift that features a pet!

4. Portable water bowl

A portable dog water dish is the perfect gift for the human and pooch on the go. We especially like the design of this Dog Bowl Water Bottle. It’s essentially a squeeze bottle with a bowl reservoir. Simply squeeze to fill the dish and excess water drains back into the bottle to prevent waste and mess.

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5. Pooch Selfie

Who doesn’t know the struggle of trying to get a good selfie with your dog? The Pooch Selfie squeaker ball is bound to grab the attention of even the most camera-shy pup, allowing you to capture all the pet selfies you could want. Just make sure you catch their best side. (Psst! Did you know you can find us on Instagram? We love pet selfies… just sayin’.)

pooch selfie attached to phone
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6. A gift basket filled with pet items

Okay, we know this is more for the pet than the pet-lover, but let’s be honest, we all enjoy showing our four-legged family members some extra love! The recipient will love the thought and sentiment behind this gift. A few items to include could be their pet’s favorite treats, healthcare items, toys, seasonal apparel, or grooming items.

When your list includes a pet-lover, gift ideas are endless! What would you like to unwrap this year? Share your favorite gift ideas with our pet-lovin’ fans on our facebook page!

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