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5 Ways Your Pet Says “I Love You”

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In our most recent blog, we talked about 5 ways to show your pet you love them, but have you ever wondered how they return the sentiment? Unless your pet is the next YouTube sensation, it’s highly unlikely they’ve ever actually uttered the words “I love you” (however, if you ever need a pick-me-up, be sure to check out those videos!), but there are plenty of behaviors your pet is probably displaying to try to clue you in.

We all know the easy easy-to-spot behaviors that practically shout “I love you,” but chances are there have been times when your pet has been trying to express his or her feelings and you totally missed it. Curious? We bet after reading this list, you’ll know without a doubt that your cat thinks you’re purrfect and your dog loves you furever!

5 Ways Your Pet Says “I Love You”

1. Recognition

It might sound small and trivial, but when your pet shows signs that he or she recognizes you (wagging tail, choosing to sit with you or be near you), it’s a sign of affection. It means that in your pet’s eyes, you’re not just any other human, you are their human. A pet who has bonded with its owner is a pet who loves its owner.

2. Eye Contact

In the wild, direct and prolonged eye contact between dogs signals a threat or an aggressive situation, however, when your dog meets and holds your gaze, you can trust that it’s all out of love. It’s your dog’s way of trying to convey to you how much they love you. Eye contact isn’t only a sign of affection from pups, cats have been known to lock eyes with their owners and blink slowly to signal their love.

3. Leaning and Nuzzling

Having contact with you brings your pet comfort, so when your dog leans against you or when your cat rubs along your legs, you can bet you’ve earned a place in their heart. It’s their way of letting you know that they know you’ve got their back- literally. A pet who nuzzles and nudges you is letting you know that he or she wants to be near you, and possibly that they want a little more of your attention (or whatever it is that you happen to be eating!).

4. Bringing you gifts

Have you ever been in the middle of a task and looked down to find your pet at your feet, presenting you their favorite toy? They’re trying to give you a gift! Sure, it’s probably also a sign that Fido wants to play a game of fetch, but when he brings you his favorite toy, he’s also signaling that he sees you as the pack leader, and he wants to please you.

In the wild, hunter cats often bring their prey back to share with those that they love. Although your kitty may not need to go farther than their food dish to eat, this act of “hunting” and bringing their “prey” back to you is their way of showing you that they love you.

5. Calm goodbyes

If your pet doesn’t go to great lengths to express their disappointment at your departure, don’t take it personally. Your pet’s calm and seemingly aloofness at your leaving doesn’t mean they don’t care that you’re gone, it just means that they trust you and are confident that you will be back. However, if your pet is showing signs of distress as you leave, check out one of our recent blogs for pointers and tips.

The love of a devoted pet is abso-woof-ly a gift. How does your pet show you affection? Share with us on our pet-lovin’ facebook page! We would love to hear from you!

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