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Spring Grooming Tips

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As the weather changes, our dog’s grooming needs do too. Here are a few things to keep in mind as you enjoy the spring weather.

Long walks in the park. Endless games of fetch. Warm sunbeams to lounge in. Winter was ruff, but spring is here and we’re pretty doggone excited about it! Just a simple stroll around the block confirms it; as the temperatures rise, so do our spirits. While the warmer weather inspires many of us to re-assess our wardrobes (goodbye snow boots, hello sandals!) and our daily regimen, it’s important to remember that our pets’ needs shift as well. Spring is the perfect time to give your pup the spaw treatment!

Take a minute to brush up on your spring grooming basics.

Spring Grooming Tips

Regular Brushing

If you weren’t keeping up with regular brushing sessions in the winter time, spring is a great time to get back on track. Some dogs blow their coats as the weather gets warmer and daily brushing can help with excessive shedding. Daily brushing not only keeps their coats looking healthy, it also provides ample opportunities for bonding.


Many dog owners scale back their pup’s bathing routine in the winter time to curb potential dryness and itchiness, but spring is a good time to reacquaint your dog with the bathtub. Spring weather will have many of us spending more time outdoors, and regular bathing can cut down on the debris your dog brings into your home as well as help remove any loose or dead hairs. As far as frequency goes, it really depends upon your dog’s needs. You can bathe them as frequently as every other week, or once monthly.

Trimming toenails

When was the last time you clipped your canine’s toenails? If you hear clicking on your floor while your dog walks, it’s probably time. For many pups, a paw-dicure every 1-2 months is sufficient, but every dog is different. Simply clip the tips of your dog’s nails, avoiding the quick (the blood vessel that runs through the nail). It’s best to have some styptic powder on hand before you begin trimming, just in case you happen to cut the quick. Simply wipe away the blood and gently pat the powder around the nail area to stop the bleeding.

If your dog has a lot of fear around having their nails clipped, it can be helpful to try a calming aid. Offer your pup plenty of praise and affection after each toenail, and try to make it a pleasant experience. In some cases, it might be necessary to have a professional handle your pup’s toenails.


Spring is a great time to assess the overall health of your dog’s skin and coat. If their fur is looking a little dull, try adding a salmon oil supplement to their diet. Your pup is sure to love the flavor, and it will help keep their coat shiny and their skin healthy.

Make no bones about it, spring is the paw-fect time to reassess your pup’s grooming regimen. Now get out there and soak up some sun!

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