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5 Largest Cat Breeds

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Sure, great things come in small packages, but we think these large cats are paws-itively purr-fect too.

When it comes to selecting the right cat, size doesn’t matter… or does it? In the past, we’ve brought you blogs all about cats that stay small, water-loving cats, low-shedding cats, and even cats that act like dogs. Today, we think it’s high time we pay homage to the 5 largest cat breeds.

We are firm believers that every cat is worth their weight in gold, but these felines are exceptionally heavy-hitters. Put your paws up and make room on the couch for these 5 cat breeds.

5 Largest Cat Breeds


This rugged and sturdy cat was built to survive the harsh, cold climate of Russia. Weighing in at 8-17 pounds, Siberians are intelligent and adaptable. They make great pets for families with children.


If you called the Ragamuffin the “teddy-bear of cats,” you wouldn’t be far off. These gentle giants are known for their calm demeanor and affinity for cuddling. A grown Ragamuffin can weigh anywhere from 8-20 pounds.


Closely related to the Ragamuffin, Ragdoll cats share many of the same traits as their teddy-bear cousins. They do tend to be slightly more active and enjoy spending lots of time playing, making them great companions for children and even dogs. The Ragdoll gets its name from its tendency to go limp when picked up.

Maine Coon

If the Maine Coon looks familiar, it could be because it is also one of the water-loving felines we featured in the past. Maine Coons can grow to be up to 20 pounds. Its sturdy frame is completed with a long, full tail, making them among the longest domestic cats.


Another avid swimmer, the Bengal also made it onto one of our lists for their low shedding tendencies. Their short, tight coats require little maintenance and, as a result, they spend less time grooming themselves (great news for allergy sufferers!). In addition to being a low-maintenance house cat, the Bengal is a joy to observe and interact with. The Bengal can weigh up to 19 pounds.

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