Critter Chatter: Easter Safety Reminders

by L Phillips Brown, DVM – The Essential Pet Vet

The Easter holiday is a time for oodles of candy, good food and bright, colorful hats. It is also a time to be particularly diligent about what your dogs and cats can eat. Easter lilies are highly toxic to cats, so you might want to consider having a bouquet without lilies. The plastic green grass that lines Easter baskets could be a source of edible interest to exploring felines and might result in intestinal blockage. Chocolate Easter bunnies and eggs are my favorites, but can cause elevated heart rate and blood pressure and possibly seizures in overindulgent dogs.  Being careful of what inquisitive pets can gobble up will help you enjoy Easter and keep your dogs and cats safe.

Rattlesnake Tips That Can Help Keep Your Pet Safe

Welcome to spring, fellow pet owners! Let’s talk about something important: Rattlesnakes and your pets. In some parts of the country, spring means rattlesnakes because they become more active in warmer seasons, from spring to autumn. They are found in wetlands, deserts and forests. If you take walks or hikes with your pet, these tips can help arm you with knowledge to keep your dog safe during this time of the year.

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10 Spring Safety Tips for Pets

March is the perfect time to start thinking about spring safety tips for your pets. It’s a great idea to get ahead of any issues that might rear their ugly heads in the upcoming months. Are you prepared for the warmer months? These quick tips should help.

For more suggestions and conversations about spring, visit our Facebook page at Join in the fun! We hope you have a lovely spring. Have fun and stay safe.

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Ways to Keep Your Pet Happy

The first thing to remember is that not all pets are created equally. Like most humans, some pets have good and bad days. Some pets also have different needs than others. You have to keep these things in mind when exploring ways to keep your pet happy. Understanding and acknowledging your pet’s needs and wants will help you to achieve this goal. The fact that you are even reading this post is a good sign that your pet is probably already living a pretty wonderful life. Keep up the good work!

5 Things to keep in mind if your pet seems unhappy   

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