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The Paw Print

Cats | November 12, 2012

The Origin of the Domestic Cat

Cats have been a source of fascination for mankind throughout history. From the ancient days through contemporary times, cats are one of the world’s most popular pets, and they are […]

Cats | November 5, 2012

How Do I Know When My Cat is Ill?

Unfortunately, cats are notorious for trying to hide their illnesses. All too often, pet parents don’t realize that something is wrong with their feline friend’s health until it’s serious. Obviously, […]

Dogs | October 29, 2012

Important Tips When Shopping for a Dog Collar

When you go to the pet store to purchase a collar for your dog the selection can be overwhelming. Friends, family, and neighbors, as well as the clerk at the […]

Cats | October 22, 2012

Top 8 Safety Tips for Pet Parents this Halloween

Attention, animal lovers. It’s almost the spookiest night of the year! The ASPCA recommends taking some common sense precautions this Halloween to keep you and your pet saying “trick or […]

Dogs | October 15, 2012

Rattlesnake Training for Your Dog

Rattlesnake training is important for dogs that live in areas where rattlesnakes are found, especially in the southwest. Rattlesnake venom can kill a dog in a matter of a few […]

Cats | October 8, 2012

The Siamese Cat

The Siamese cat is a medium sized cat with an angular shape to practically every single portion of its head and body. It doesn’t take a mathematics professor to see […]

Dogs | September 17, 2012

The History of the Chihuahua

Named for the Mexican state that borders Texas and New Mexico, the Chihuahua is the oldest breed on the American continent. Historians believe they evolved from a wild dog called […]

Cats | September 10, 2012

What Breed is My Cat?

Some cat lovers seem to overly focus on breeds and are not happy until their cat is classified neatly within a certain breed. Since the beginning pet owners have raised […]