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Cats | January 2, 2018

How to Keep Your Pet Active in the Winter Months

With dropping temperatures, the allure of your cozy couch and favorite blanket can be stronger than ever. Resist the urge to let your pet (and yourself!) become a couch potato […]

Cats | December 26, 2017

New Year’s Resolutions for Pet Owners

Want to drop a few pounds? Pick up a healthy habit or drop an unhealthy one? Get more organized? These are all common New Year’s resolutions you might hear around […]

Cats | October 30, 2017

8 Fun places to take your cat

You love your cat and she loves you. You enjoy each others company, spending time at home and perhaps outside, but do you ever think about what else there is […]

Cats | June 24, 2017

Cats and Hairballs

Have you ever wondered what a hairball is exactly? Is it just a bunch of undigested hair? What causes them and should you worry when your cat coughs one up? […]

Cats | December 2, 2016

Ways to Show Appreciation to Animal Shelters

Do you have a favorite animal shelter in your area? Did you get your best friend from a local animal shelter and want to show your support? There are many […]

Cats | August 26, 2016

Cats are Great, but Dogs are Better

by Sparky the dog Hello Friends and Furiends. So, Simon wrote a post on the Paw Print blog stating that international cat day should be every day of the year. […]