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Cats | November 2, 2017

21 DIY Projects for Pet Lovers  

In 2017, it seems like we are becoming a ‘get things done’ society and doing things ourselves (DIY) has become increasingly more common. When it comes to your pets and […]

Cats | January 5, 2017

11 Ways to be a ROCK STAR Pet Parent in 2017

Having a pet and being a good pet owner is a big responsibility. The time and energy you put into it directly impacts the health and wellbeing of your pet […]

Cats | November 23, 2015

Help Your Pet Stay Calm During the Holidays

Happy Holidays! What a wonderful time of the year for humans, but what about your nervous pets? Does your pet get stressed during the holidays? If you read our Halloween […]

Cats | October 13, 2015

Halloween Tips for Your Anxious Pet

It’s almost Halloween! Are you as excited as we are? With the adorable costumes, numerous visitors, bags of candy, and exciting holiday parties – Halloween is one of the most […]