New Year’s Resolutions for Pet Owners

Want to drop a few pounds? Pick up a healthy habit or drop an unhealthy one? Get more organized? These are all common New Year’s resolutions you might hear around the water cooler in January, but what about our four-legged family members? Healthy changes aren’t just for humans- maybe Fluffy or Fido is ready to make a change for the better as well. Read on to find out how to make 2018 the healthiest year yet for you and your furry friends.

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11 Ways to be a ROCK STAR Pet Parent in 2017

fc5843e6ecd8849db81c20f8a0943552Having a pet and being a good pet owner is a big responsibility. The time and energy you put into it directly impacts the health and wellbeing of your pet or pets. So how can you be a stellar pet parent in 2017? Since you are reading this post, you’re already off to a good start! The fact that you are interested in being all that you can be is a great sign that you truly care. Being a great pet parent is easier than you think. Read these tips and you’ll be on your way!

1. Don’t ignore the signs that there is a problem. If you have any reason to believe that something could be wrong with your pet, give the vet a call. Taking preventative measures could save you a lot of heartache in the long run.

2. Show them you care in as many ways as you can: hold, hug, pet, treat, train and feed them. There are many ways to help your pet feel loved and supported. Go with your gut on this one.

3. Don’t neglect to provide the health care they need. It happens without even knowing it sometimes. Check to make sure your pet is current on all shots and checkups. Don’t let an ailment go untreated.

4. Follow general rules and guidelines, like how long to keep them outside when it’s cold out or how often to administer supplements the veterinarian has recommended.

5. Don’t lose your temper. If you have a puppy or a pet that’s not trained properly, try not to go overboard when they have an accident. Some pets can’t help it. Screaming at your pet could make matters worse. Try to think about other ways to help in this situation: training classes, training pads, etc.

6. Take them out on a special trip. Don’t get cabin fever. Take your pet out and about to get some exercise, even if it’s just to your favorite pet specialty store. Give them some one-on-one attention and consider spoiling him or her with a new toy.

7. Clean up after your pet. Being a stellar pet parent includes a clean yard or litter box. Having a clean environment to relieve themselves in can help your pet feel more comfortable in the yard. It might also make your neighbors happier.

8. Give them more of your time. Try to take at least 15 to 30 minutes per day to play with your pet. If you have a cat, get a laser toy. If you have a dog, consider getting a new throw toy. If you’re stuck indoors this is a great way to help your pet get the exercise he or she needs.

9. Make sure they are clean and well maintained. You also should take time to check their paws for snow or salt after being outside during the cold months. Do this before a problem has the potential to form.

10. Don’t put off what you’ve been meaning to do in 2016 with your pet. Is there something you wanted to do with your pet in 2016 but you never got around to it? Does he or she have an issue that you have not addressed yet? Make 2017 great for you and your pet by achieving what you might have put off for a little too long. It could make you and your pet feel better.

11. We all make new years resolutions for ourselves, so why not make one for you and your pet. January is usually the busiest time of year for human and pet supplements as we all think about our health and wellness for the new year. So stock up on some 21st Century supplements to start your pet off to an energized and healthy year.

Happy New Year! Make it great, and please continue to read and enjoy the Paw Print Blog from 21st Century Animal Healthcare. If you have any ideas or topics you’d like us to write about, feel free to let us know via our Facebook page. We’d love to hear from you!

It’s Not Too Late! Include Your Pet in Your New Year’s Resolutions

546351_10151314724573550_1333252963_n1Year after year, we make New Year’s Resolutions to change our ways for good, or to resolve to do something differently for the betterment of ourselves and/or others. This year, we want to encourage pet owners to make changes for life – not just the new year. We want to encourage a commitment to a healthier 2016 for you AND your furry family members!

Why not have your pet join in the fun this year? Are you already exercising? Bring your pet along. Have you planned to eat healthier? Put your pet on a nutritious diet, too! We challenge you to think about your current resolution list. Modify your list to include your pet. Below are a few easy ways to include your pet in your 2016 New Year’s Resolutions.

  • Make exercise regular for you and your pet. We know it’s hard to get outside when the weather is cold and the sidewalks are snowy (unless you are in Tempe, AZ like us), but there are many great ways to exercise without having to go outside. You can play games, throw a lightweight ball or play with a laser pointer. If you have tolerable weather, allow your pet to join in your outside activities. A few articles around the web suggest trying yoga with your pet or taking your dog running with you. WedMD gives several great ideas in a recent article that includes swimming and walking with your dog.
  • Eat healthier. Offer your pet treats that you know are nutritious. Could your dog benefit from a little weight loss? Cut down on the treats and increase the healthier snacks. Dogs can have treats; they just don’t need more than one at a time.Pet-Exercise
  • Give your pet a daily multivitamin. Have you made a commitment to start taking your daily vitamins routinely? Include your pet in this important plan! Supplement your pet’s balanced diet with a daily vitamin formulated specifically for your pet’s age and therapeutic needs.
  • Optimize joint function and comfort. Did you know that joint issues are very common in pets and humans? We have a hip and joint supplement available exclusively at PetSmart that can help pets get ahead of these issues.
  • Get organized. Many people resolve to get organized in the new year. We recommend starting off on the right paw by maintaining a calendar that includes your pet’s schedule, as well as yours. There are may phone apps available to download that can help you remember crucial dates for your pet. Schedule and set up reminders for their annual health checks, pet playdates, daily walks, grooming appointments and more. Getting appointments and meetings organized and on a list of to dos’ will most definitely help you stay on track this year.

A healthy pet is a happy pet! If a healthier and happier you is on your list of resolutions this year, remember to include your pet in this important plan. Here at 21st Century Animal Healthcare, we are committed to offering you the best pet health products on the market. 21st Century HealthCare, is one of the largest international manufacturers of human vitamins and companion animal supplements. 21st Century has been manufacturing pet supplements for over 15 years. So, we are committed to you and your pets!

Happy New Year! Good luck with the changes you’ve decided to make in 2016. Please keep following our blog for great pet tips, how to articles and much more.

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