5 Thanksgiving Pet Safety Tips

pet on table

Do you have a pet that loves to sneak food off of the counter or table during the holidays? Thanksgiving is right around the corner. It’s time to refresh your memory on the dangers of certain foods to pets. Don’t let your pet get a hold of food that could land you in the pet ER instead of enjoying the holiday festivities.

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8 Fun places to take your cat

You love your cat and she loves you. You enjoy each others company, spending time at home and perhaps outside, but do you ever think about what else there is to do with your furry feline? There are many ways to have fun with your cat and in many different places. Our pets are like our family members, right? So why not plan a family vacation with your pet? Below are a few great places to take your cat.

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What to do during Halloween if you have a nervous pet

With the adorable costumes, numerous visitors, bags of candy, and exciting holiday parties – Halloween is one of the most popular American holidays in the United States. Most humans love Halloween, but what about our furry friends? Not all pets enjoy the constant noise and commotion that comes with this well-liked celebration. But what can you do to help your pet and yourself have a great time on October 31st?

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7 Ways to Feel Closer to Your Pet

Life is busy. From children’s activities to work responsibilities, life can throw a lot of curve balls at us. You might feel like you don’t give your pet the quality time he or she deserves. If you are feeling this way, don’t worry! There are many easy ways to better incorporate your pets into your every day life. When times get busy, include your pet as much as you possibly can.

Here are a 7 easy ways to feel closer to your canine companion:

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CRITTER CHATTER: Smoothing Out the End of “the Dog Days of Summer”

by Dr. Phil

Back to school can be a tough time not only for parents and students, but household pets as well.  During summer vacation pets get to spend more time with kids, maybe sleeping late with a teenager, chasing Frisbees with middle or elementary school children or even hiking or swimming with the whole family.  Back to school means its time for more firm schedules and quieter households.  Pets suddenly go from lazy breakfasts to the frenzy of kids eating on the go while searching for homework papers, lost books and misplaced backpacks often followed by frantic dashes out the door and then abrupt silence and time alone.

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Happy Parent’s Day – From YOUR Pet

Have you ever thought about what your pet might say to you if he could speak? July 23rd is officially (or unofficially) Parents’ Day! To celebrate, we are writing a letter to all of the wonderful pet parents out there – from the perspective of your pet. The innocence of pets is so precious. If they could verbally communicate with us, do you think they would explain why they do what they do? Perhaps what we view as slightly negative is actually their way of telling us they love us!

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November Tips for Pets and Pet Parents


Novemdog-in-snowber is a beautiful time of the year! There are many things to look forward to in the month of November: lovely trees, great tasting food and thanksgiving memories. You can even perhaps get a glimpse of snow – if you’re so lucky.

What does November mean to you? Do you love it or hate it? How about your pets? How do they feel about the changing weather and shorter days? With only two months left in 2016, we’d like to celebrate this month by offering a few November suggestions for you and your pet. Some of these topics will be covered in later blog posts this month and some are meant as food for thought.

If you have any tips or questions for our pet-lovin’ experts, please let us know by messaging us on our Facebook page. We look forward to hearing from you!

November Tips for Pets and Pet Parents:

  • Take advantage of the cooler weather. Do you live in an area where the weather is now getting tolerable and more pleasant? Walk your dogs a few extra times a week in November. You and your pet will most likely appreciate the fall sights and smells.
  • Take note of what foods are acceptable for your pet to eat around the festivities. Do you have Halloween chocolates sitting around the house? Some thanksgiving foods are dangerous to pets, too. Keep a close eye on your pets this month to make sure they are not eating anything they’re not supposed to.
  • It might be time to buy a sweater or booties for your pet. With the leaves falling and snow on its way (in some parts of the country) you might consider preparing for the colder days. Pets get snow stuck between their paws or in their fur. Would a pair of booties help? Think ahead and be proactive this time of the year.
  • November is Senior Pet Month. There are many things to appreciate and keep in mind in regards to senior pets. This month, try to think about those things and make changes in your pet’s lifestyle if necessary. You might want to ask yourself questions like, would your pet benefit from a joint care supplement? We can help you with that.
  • Don’t forget about your pets during the holidays. There are many ways to celebrate with your furry friends. A lot of stores will offer special holiday food for pets or holiday gifts! You can even pack a stocking for your four-legged friends. Consider putting in a few products from Essential Pet. Help your pet stay happy and healthy this year.
  • November is Animal Shelter Appreciation Month. If interested, consider volunteering or making a donation to your favorite animal shelter. Did you get your pet from a local animal shelter? There are multiple reasons to show your gratitude to an animal shelter.

We hope you enjoy this wonderful month. Thank you for taking the time to read our pet blog. Here at 21st Century Animal HealthCare, we love seeing happy and healthy pets. We also love to assist pet parents with informative blogs and facts about our health care products. Please reach out to us with any questions, ideas or concerns. Happy November!

We would love to feature a blog post by one of our customers. If you have an inspiring story or great advice you would like to share, please let us know.

A Shout Out to Pet Sitters – We Think You Are Wonderful!

Young woman with her dog 

Just like childcare providers, pet sitters and dog walkers are crucial for some of us to provide the best care possible for our furry loved ones. There are many reasons to appreciate and show our respect to these individuals, so we thought we’d write a blog post about it! If you are a pet sitter or pet walking companion, thank you for all that you do. We really appreciate it.

We know you are wonderful and understand the amount of pet-love that is required for this type of career, but have others ever wondered why people go into these types of jobs? Are you looking for an occupation with many loving rewards? Perhaps you should consider something in the pet business.

People around the web are talking about why they enjoy working with pets. Here are a few great reasons we found:

  • You’re always greeted with a wag or a purr! People in this profession are usually passionate about helping pets. Working in a field that feeds that passion can be highly rewarding. Who wouldn’t want to be welcomed each day by these lovely creatures?
  • Sometimes being a dog walker, pet sitter and even a pet groomer can mean that you own your own business. There are many benefits associated with having your own small business. Look into it! It might not be as complicated as you think.
  • Helping a pet is more about passion than dollar bills. Many people who work with pets are helping them live a happier, healthier life. For someone who loves pets, this is more fulfilling than any amount of money coming into his or her bank account.
  • Pets are exciting creatures! Human co-workers are great in their own ways, but pets are magnificent on different levels. Pets can be kind, loving and unpredictable. Working with pets can sometimes prove to be an unpredictable and fun profession.
  • Are you having a bad day? Sometimes all you need is a furry friend to make you feel better. Pets have an amazing way of understanding humans and being there for us when we need them. If you work with pets and offer them affection and love, they might just return the favor once in a while.
  • Pets can be challenging. Remember it’s not always going to be wagging tails and purrs. Sometimes separation from the owner can be stressful on the pets and that’s where the real skill comes as a pet sitter in managing to create an environment and support the pet while it is away from its owner or home space.

Whether you are thinking about working with pets or you do already, thank you for loving these beautiful creatures. We are in the pet industry as well and find it simply unexplainable how rewarding and amazing it is. We understand the time and commitment it takes to helping pets. Thank you for doing the hard work of being a pet sitter, pet companion or something similar. Here at 21st Century Animal HealthCare, we think you are doing a great job. Thanks again!