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5 Things to Know Before Adopting a Senior Pet

Whether you currently own a senior pet or you’re planning to adopt one, wouldn’t you agree that they are amazing creatures? Senior pets have so much to offer a family. They may come with different responsibilities than a younger pet, but they are equally as beautiful. Wouldn’t you agree?

November is Adopt a Senior Pet Month so we thought we would take this opportunity to tell you a little bit more about senior pets and how one might be the perfect fit for you.

Here are a few things to consider before adopting a senior pet:

1. Do your research. Talk with the current pet owners or humane Society that you plan to adopt them from. Make sure that an older dog or cat is right for your family. Also, ask all of the right questions to find out what type of ailments or issues the dog or cat might have had in his or her past. Take all things into consideration to help your new pet find his forever home with you.

2. Remember that you might be saving this pets life. A lot of people prefer puppies, kittens, or younger furry friends. Unfortunately, some older dogs are euthanized if they are not adopted. Remember that adopting an older dog may save a life and make yours more wonderful.

3. Keep in mind that older pets are harder to teach new tricks to. This can be a good thing and a bad thing. An older dog might already have a list of great habits like going outside on command or understanding the word no. However, other pets might have established bad habits like drinking from the toilet or marking his or her territory inside. Remember that all pets, young and old, come with many types of challenges.

4. An older pet may not be as energetic as a younger dog. This can also be a pro and a con. Some pet owners complain the puppy stage can be very hard and cumbersome. An older dog might already have their energetic faze behind them. They are less distracted and might have less energy to chew up your shoes.

5. Pay close attention to their dental, joint and overall health. Having a senior dog means that issues can and probably will come up. Using a health care supplement might be a great way to keep them happy and healthy!

Other wonderful things about senior pets can be found in this post we wrote last November during senior pet appreciation month. Enjoy your new dog or cat. Thank you for loving pets as much as we do!

The first 3 people to email us about their new senior pet adoption will receive a care package from 21st Century Animal Healthcare! Tell us your story by messaging us on our Facebook page.

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