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Cats | April 29, 2013

Why Do Cats Have Whiskers?

What Purpose Do Whiskers Serve? Cats possess many qualities that give them their astounding flexibility and athletic prowess; one of the most prominent features all cats share that enables this […]

Cats | February 18, 2013

Thinking About Getting Your Own Cat

Choosing a Cat Should I get a cat from a shelter or a breeder? Choosing the right cat for you is the smartest way to choose a cat. Many of […]

Cats | November 12, 2012

The Origin of the Domestic Cat

Cats have been a source of fascination for mankind throughout history. From the ancient days through contemporary times, cats are one of the world’s most popular pets, and they are […]

Cats | October 8, 2012

The Siamese Cat

The Siamese cat is a medium sized cat with an angular shape to practically every single portion of its head and body. It doesn’t take a mathematics professor to see […]