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Dogs | May 6, 2013

The American Spaniel Club

Owning a Cocker Spaniel can be very exciting and rewarding, but making the decision to do so is also life changing. Before “taking the plunge,” speak with as many Cocker […]

Uncategorized | April 8, 2013

How Much Food Should I Be Feeding My Dog?

When determining how much dry food to feed your puppy each day, take into account any additional foods you are giving him. For example, if you give him any canned […]

Dogs | February 11, 2013

Your Dog’s Skin and Coat

The Essentials of a Dog’s Healthy Coat What a dog looks like on the outside is likely an indication of what is going on in the inside. If a dog’s […]

Dogs | October 15, 2012

Rattlesnake Training for Your Dog

Rattlesnake training is important for dogs that live in areas where rattlesnakes are found, especially in the southwest. Rattlesnake venom can kill a dog in a matter of a few […]