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Cold Weather Tips for Pets

Dog-in-Cold_1.3.14The one thing we call all agree on is that we love our pets, big or small longhaired or short. When it comes to keeping our pets happy and healthy we know that it takes the right combination of love, knowledge and quality pet products.

As the season changes and the weather grows colder in some parts of the United States, 21st Century Pet would like to offer a few tips to keep your furry friends feeling fine! Stay informed with these quick tips. You can pick or choose the advice that work best for you and your pets. Enjoy!

  • Watch your pet’s food intake – As the weather changes, your pet may need more or less food depending on where they spend most of their time – inside or out. Don’t let your pet get pudgy this winter! If they are being less active indoors, decrease the amount of food. If they spend their days outdoors, consider increasing the amount of food they eat. They will need it!
  • Don’t trim their hair so short – We know that it’s hard to keep up with some breed’s coats, but it’s important to remember that the winter weather can cause a very cold friend. Keep your pet’s coat longer in the colder months. Frosting is a serious problem during winter, especially for paws, tips of tails, and ears. Keep your pet warm. Consider purchasing a coat or sweater for your dog or cat. A nice warm bed is also a great way to keep your pet cozy during these freezing days!
  • Put up the chemicals and keep the dogs and cats out of the garage – You probably know this already, but it never hurts to bring it up again. Antifreeze is incredibly dangerous if your pet ingests it. The worse part is that the taste is delicious to them. Keep your pets away from any spillage in the garage – wipe it up as soon as you notice it. Even the smallest amount can be deadly.kitty-cat-felling-the-cold-630x390
  • Stay off the salt and ice – Does your dog start messing with and licking his paws during the winter months? It could be because that nasty salt has gotten in between his paws and in the fur. Can you imagine? OUCH! Consider shorter walks in the winter and more active time indoors playing games like tug-a-war or catch. You can also purchase a pair of booties for your furry friend. After you spend time outside, remember to check the paws for salt, cracks or bleeding. The health of your pet’s paws is very important.
  • Use a collar or chip – It can be much harder to find a lost pet in the snow. It’s also harder for a pet to find his or her way home. Be proactive with a fitted collar with identification attached. An implanted chip is also a wise idea. Be sure to keep all of your registration information up to date. Does your dog’s ID have your current home address and phone number? Before it gets too cold out there, make sure everything is accurate.

Do you have winter tips you would like to share with 21st Century pet? Please feel free to email us at Share a picture of your adorable pets and we’ll share them on our Facebook and Twitter pages! Thank you for taking the time to read our blog. Stay warm and cozy with your pets this winter!

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