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The Paw Print

Cats and Dogs | October 20, 2018

10 Great Costumes for Pets and Pet Parents

What could possibly be better than photos of cute pets? Photos of cute pets in Halloween costumes, of course! Here at Essential Pet, we believe everything is better with our […]

Cats and Dogs | October 17, 2018

6 Tips for a Calm Halloween for Your Dog

Imagine this: the home you’ve become comfortable with has been adorned with unfamiliar items… There are new scents and sounds everywhere, and you are drawn to fragrant bowls of seasonal […]

Cats and Dogs | October 17, 2018

Essential Pet Product Reviews

As devoted pet lovers ourselves, we know how valuable your pet’s wellness is and we’re honored to provide your family with quality products. That’s why we’re proud to be part […]

Dogs | October 10, 2018

3 Homemade Pumpkin Halloween Treats for Your Dog

We all know that this time of year brings about plenty of off-limits treats to tempt our four-legged family members. While most of our pets are probably happy to simply […]

Cats and Dogs | October 2, 2018

Pet Safety Tips for Fall by Dr. Brown

“Oh, the days dwindle down to a precious few September, November And these few precious days I’ll spend with you” Frank Sinatra September Song Fall is coming to Vermont. Cooler […]

Cats and Dogs | September 21, 2018

Why Does My Dog Act Like a Cat?

Chasing lasers, claiming any spot as their own, perching on windowsills, and essentially running the household… all decidedly “cat” behaviors, right? Think again! As strange as it might sound, it’s […]

Cats and Dogs | September 18, 2018

Fall Pet Hazards to Avoid

Fall is (almost) here! It’s a time of year many of us welcome, and our pets probably do too. Autumn means a break from the heat, festive gatherings with loved […]

Dogs | September 13, 2018

5 Essential Tips for a Successful Dog Play Date

Connection. Outside of food and shelter, it’s one of the basic necessities we crave as human beings; it’s just part of the way we’re wired. But have you ever looked […]

Cats | September 10, 2018

7 Ways Your Cat Says “I Love You”

“A cat has absolute emotional honesty. Human beings, for one reason or another, may hide their feelings, but a cat does not.” -Ernest Hemingway When we talk about how our […]