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Hello there! Welcome to the Paw Print Blog. Whether you are a first time or returning visitor, we would like to personally say THANK YOU for coming to our little corner of the web. Here you can find many different dog or cat related articles that include pet care tips, wellness tips, how-to questions and answers, fun and engaging posts, and much more! We are here to help you find, or just explore, pet-related topics that you might have questions about.

Who are we?

You might hear us talk about Essential Pet products or other pet care brands on this blog. Why? We are a company called 21st Century Animal HealthCare. We are based in Tempe, Arizona where we dream up and manufacture pet care products like hip and joint care supplements, hairball remedies and other pet wellness products. Essential Pet is our product line available exclusively through PetSmart stores. Perhaps you’ve seen or used our products before!

More about 21st Century Animal Healthcare

We are part of the 21st Century HealthCare, Inc. family, one of the largest international manufacturers of human vitamins and companion animal supplements for over 25 years. Our dedication to providing you with clinically developed and precisely blended formulations based on the latest scientific research, coupled with our commitment to investing in our state of the art manufacturing facilities enables us constantly to create new products for the health and benefit of your pets.

What types of pet products do we sell?

  • Hip and joint support
  • Calming support for pets
  • Products for Pets that show signs of skin sensitivities
  • Hairball support for cats
  • Salmon oil products
  • Skin & coat care for pets
  • And more

What to expect from our blog?

We like to have fun. We also enjoy helping people get to know their pets and their pet’s needs! We update our blog regularly with informative posts about almost everything pet related. If there is ever anything you would be interested in reading about, and do not see it here, please let us know.


NASC logoAs a founding member, 21st Century Animal Healthcare products proudly carry the National Animal Supplement Council (NASC) Quality Seal. The NASC Quality Seal ensures the consumer is buying from a reputable manufacturer that has successfully completed a stringent facility audit by an independent outside organization. This seal ensures that Essential Pet products meet or exceed strict quality and labeling guidelines designed to promote the health and well being of companion animals.

The Essential Pet Guarantee

To safeguard your pet’s health and well being, all Essential Pet products are manufactured and packaged under strict laboratory procedures and current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) to ensure unqualified purity, freshness and label potency

Contact us

Feel free to reach out to us through Facebook, Instagram, on our website or by emailing us at We would love to hear from you.

Thanks again for reading our blog. We really appreciate you being here! 

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