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Sparky Loves 21st Century Pet

Meet SparkyHello there! My name is Sparky and I’m from…all over the place! I’ve lived in New York City (go Yankees!), Omaha (College World Series rules!) and now Phoenix, Arizona (Diamondbacks are the best and love spring training, all those home run balls to chase).

I’m excited to be a part of the 21st Century pack. Although, I must admit that I’ve never done this sort of thing before: blogging, Facebook posting and what not.  But don’t worry, this pup is out of the pound. 21st Century knows I’m no expert blogger extraordinaire yet!

21st Century has asked me to be an endorser – one of the faces of their company! Yeah, I know that I’m a dog with fur and four paws, but equal rights people – come on! I know you’ve seen Tuna, the Chiweenie, on Instagram. Perhaps that will be my face on the cover of Southwest Magazine one day! Someone please make a meme with my mug on it!

I thought I would start off by telling you a little bit about my past. Then I’ll tell you more about how this exciting adventure started (blog post #2, coming soon)!

Did I tell you I lived in New York and Omaha? Two totally different places, if you ask me. I will confess that nothing compares to Phoenix. I love this place. Hot? Yes, but I finally feel free being here and my new owners take me for awesome walks all the time. Let’s just say, I’ve lived a ruff life.

Being a dog in the pound means you see some pretty hairy stuff, but we’ll bark about that later. I’ve had four owners in my dogtime. I’m six in dog years.

It’s hard to say why my “owners” would keep giving me back. I was even left on the side of the highway once. Dodged a serious rawhide bone there. A fellow kennel-mate once told me I’m too happy. Too happy? Is there such a thing?

So, I like sitting on furniture and enjoy licking. It’s how I show love – lots of love! Barking? Yes, I do it every chance I can get. But I’m a communicator – it’s what I do! Perhaps that’s why these fine folks at 21st Century Animal Healthcare decided to work with me. That or it’s my handsome furry face. The paws are still up on that one.

I also have allergies and maybe some ear issues. What can I say? I’ve been in and out of the institution. You pick things up there.

After jumping around from one place to the next, I finally landed on all fours here in sunny Arizona. That’s when I met Dr. Dan. He’s kind and smart. He saved my life to tell you the truth. Dr. Dan believes in 21st Century and says they are great people, too. I wouldn’t be doing this if he hadn’t worked with these pet experts for a long wag.

I’ve been told that I could become quite a celebrity soon. That’s kinda weird. I never pictured myself as much more than a happy mutt. Does this mean I will have my own show like Snoopy or Lassie? #LOVE those two.

Well, that’s it for now. I will blog more later this week. Thank you for taking the time to get to know me. I am excited to get to know everyone – including you! I’ll be a “Pet Celebrity” soon enough.

Happy Tails! ~ Sparky

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