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QUIZ: Are You a Dog or Cat Person?


There are numerous ways to help you determine whether you are meant to have a dog or a cat in your life. Taking a quick quiz like is just one of them. Did you grow up loving the scratch of a felines tongue on your skin? Or is your ideal furry companion one that you can take for long walks or jog along the beach with?

There are many factors to help you determine what type of animal you were meant for in your life. And there are more options than just dogs and cats, of course. For this quiz, however, just the furry felines and canine friends are being evaluated. Remember to listen to your heart. Deep down, a lot of people already know the answer to this quiz without taking it. But it can certainly help to have a better understanding of what pet might suit you the best.

To take the quiz and keep a note of your answers 1, 2 or 3


Question 1: Do you enjoy being outside with others enjoying nature?

  1. I would not call myself a super outdoorsy person.
  2. Yes.
  3. I like a balance of both.


Question 2: How do you feel about the smell of feces in an isolated area?

  1. I’d rather clean up kitty litter than walk around outside and clear up piles of poo.
  2. The smell of a litter box makes me gag every time.
  3. It’s really not that big of a deal, as long as it is tolerable.


Question 3: What do you typically do on a Thursday evening?

  1. Spend time out and about or at the house without an agenda.
  2. Hang out at home watching one of your top 5 favorite flicks.
  3. I try not to make consistent plans. I enjoy spontaneity.


Question 4: Do you consider yourself more independent or outgoing?

  1. I’m an introvert.
  2. I would call myself an extrovert most of the time.
  3. I would say I had a little of both introvert and extrovert going on.


Question 5: Your friend is in town and unexpectedly drops by your home without warning. How do you react?

  1. A little caught off guard.
  2. Excited to see an old friend and ready for anything.
  3. Happy to see an old friend.


Question 6: Having a furry companion in the home that offers love and loyalty on a daily basis is incredibly important to you.

  1. Not exactly, I do not need attention from my pet every day.
  2. Isn’t that why people get a pet?
  3. Either way works for me.


Question 7:  Is anyone in your family allergic to cats?

  1. No.
  2. Yes.
  3. Not sure.


Question 8: How often do you travel outside of your current city?

  1. Fairly often. I love to travel.
  2. Once or twice a year.
  3. It varies.


Question 9: Do you consider yourself an active person?

  1. It’s nice to get out once in a while.
  2. I like to work out outside at least 3-4 days per week, when the weather is agreeable.
  3. It depends on the week.


Question 10: How do you feel about someone bringing their dog into a public business?

  1. Only if it’s a service animal.
  2. I think it’s great as long as I can pet her!
  3. Hasn’t ever crossed my mind.


Calculate Your Results

If you picked mostly 1’s in this 10 question survey, you are most likely meant to have a cat. You preferred to be more independent yourself and are perhaps a bit of a homebody. You might be a bit shy at times. You like to have the flexibility to leave the home, but prefer to cozy up to a nice book or television show during the week. You wouldn’t call yourself outrageously outdoorsy. You appreciate nature and lead a fairly laid-back lifestyle.

If you pick mostly 2’s in this 10 question survey, you might be meant to have a dog in your life. Personality traits of a “dog person” include being active, energetic, outdoorsy and social. Having a dog is believed to be harder work than having a cat, but according to your survey results you’re up for anything. Getting outside is part of your weekly routine and you wouldn’t change it for anything. A dog might be an excellent addition to your family.

 If you picked mostly 3’s in this 10 question survey, you could be meant for a dog, cat or both. Based on personality, you share traits with both a cat and a dog person. You might not have a preference either way. There are things to love about dogs, as well as cats. You might also not be meant for a pet at this time in your life. Give it some more thought. Take the time to think and evaluate whether you are ready or not. Whether you have a cat or a dog, it’s a big responsibility. You want to feel as ready as possible before opening your home to a pet.

Having a dog or cat is a personal preference. According to a recent Animal Humane Society survey, dogs were found to be more like family members. Cats were believed to require less attention than dogs. The survey also stated that 65.7% of “dog people” believed that dogs have better personalities. “Cat people” reported that cats are easier to care for and 47.7% of people believe that cats don’t require as much attention as dogs. 91.4% of people without a dog or cat preference said that dogs are friendlier than cats.

Thank you for taking the Paw Print Blog quiz. Results will vary. Pets are beautiful creatures and we hope that one day you welcome one into your home with loving intentions and an open heart!

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