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Quick Tips and Fun Ways to Include Your Pet on your Big Day

include pet at wedding

(Cue wedding music now) Here comes the cat. All dressed in…?  Wait. What? Did you just say CAT?

Yes, we said cat.

Did you know that thousands of humans include their pet each year in their big day? Do you have a big day approaching and want to have your most loyal furry companion at your side? You’ve come to the right blog.

Some of the most interesting and fun weddings include furry friends. However, there are a few things to keep in mind when planning an event with a pet. Here are some easy tips and fun ideas if you want to include your pet in your upcoming nuptial. We hope you have the wedding of your dreams!

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What to consider BEFORE including your pet in the wedding of your dreams:

  • Even if you work with your pet countless times on a task – like walking down the isle with the wedding rings on his nose – you have to be prepared for the worse. As an example, someone in the audience could say something to Fido that makes him want to run their way — oops! And run away from the isle he might. Just be ready for anything.
  • A wedding guest might be highly allergic to pets. It’s always a good idea to inform them ahead of time, just in case.
  • You might have to be picky about where to have your wedding. Some venues have strict pet policies. You’ll need to find one that allows your furry companion to join in the fun.
  • As much as you love your pet, it could be an extra burden to have them at your side 24/7. Consider having someone, a pet handler, there be in charge of Fido while he or she is in attendance.

Fun ways to include your pet in the wedding festivities:

  • Have your pet pictured in your wedding or engagement photos.
  • Place a party favor from your furry companion on the table for guests.
  • Have your pet visit the party, but not stay.
  • Assign your pet a fun job.

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