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5 Black Friday Shopping Tips for Pet Owners

Once the month of August hits, it seems like the days and months start zooming by at an overwhelming pace. Is it really November already? Is Thanksgiving, Black Friday and Cyber Monday just a couple of weeks away?

If you haven’t prepared yourself for the holidays yet, don’t worry. We’ve been thinking about it all year. Read a few of our recent posts for great tips about Foods You Can Feed Your Pet and Holiday Gift Ideas.  But for now, let’s talk about Black Friday. Year after year, people take advantage of great savings from thousands of stores all over the US buying presents for upcoming holidays.

What about Black Friday items for your pets?

Do you head out to pet specialty stores like PetSmart? Well, you should. Black Friday is a great opportunity to stock up on pet accessories, food, healthcare items, treats and much more. Don’t skip the discounts you’ll really appreciate.

If you do plan to head out for Black Friday and are a pet owner, here are 5 quick tips to consider:

  1. Bring refreshments – Store management knows that shopping with hundreds of other people can become a daunting task. So what did they do? They make refreshments like water and snacks easily accessible while in line or at the register. They might even mark them up. Bring your own snacks and save a few dollars this year. Carry along a banana, a bag of almonds and a bottle of water. Don’t spend the money you’re going out of your way to save.


  1. Do your homework – As you already know, not all discounts are created equal. Do your research and see where you can really get the good deals on things like dog food or cat litter. Take the time to read the ads and compare, so you don’t actually end up spending more than you should. These items are great things to stock up on, as well. While a lot of people are out preparing for Christmas, you could be saving money on items you know you’ll need for your pet in the upcoming months. This has its benefits, of course.


  1. Leave your pets at home – Although it’s tempting to bring your pets along to have a furry shopping companion, you may want to reconsider. Black Friday is a very overwhelming day for most. If you think you will be away for longer than usual on a shopping trip, consider giving your pet a calming supplement like Essential Pet Calming Soft Chews so they can be relaxed while you are gone.


  1. Compare prices – If you can’t plan ahead, at least use your smart phone to compare prices. Make sure your phone is fully charged before you leave the house. Do you use a QR code reader? You might consider downloading the app to compare prices. When you’re already in the store it might be too late, but you still don’t want to risk it. Compare, compare, compare. Try to do this step in advance.


  1. Set a budget and stick to it – It’s easy to get excited about the deals that stores are displaying. It’s hard to say no, especially when you’re thinking about how much your furry friend would appreciate a new cozy bed or plush toy. Set a budget in advance and don’t go over it. That’s that. Do not stray from your budget. But do enjoy getting great deals!

Have a wonderful time shopping on Black Friday, if that’s something you enjoy. But this year, don’t forget about your furry friends because there are a lot of great deals out there for pets also. What will you be purchasing for your pet this year?

Reminder: Don’t skip Cyber Monday! Some of your favorite websites are already talking about door buster deals!

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