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Fall Pet Hazards to Avoid

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Fall is (almost) here! It’s a time of year many of us welcome, and our pets probably do too. Autumn means a break from the heat, festive gatherings with loved ones, and plenty of great seasonal food and beverages (hello pumpkin spice everything!)- what’s not to love? Well, before you jump into all of the autumn festivities, it’s worth taking a minute to think about what the changing season means for your pet. Fall, just like every other season, comes with its own pet hazards to be aware of and avoid.

Curious paws and noses always seem to find a way to investigate the intriguing and unfamiliar, and the nuances of a new season provide our four-legged family members with plenty of opportunities to do just that. Let’s make sure this autumn is a memorable one for our pets- for all the right reasons.

Here are a few fall pet hazards to keep in mind this year.

Backpack contents

Fall typically means back-to-school time for our two-legged family members, and the kids aren’t always the only ones who are learning and exploring. Curious pets may try to examine open backpacks and find plenty of “treasures” that could lead to a host of problems ranging from accidental poisoning to choking. Be sure to keep backpacks closed and out of pet’s reach to any harm that may befall overly-inquisitive pets.

Mouse and rat poison

When the air gets cooler, it’s not uncommon for rodents to attempt to take shelter in our homes. While rodenticides are fairly effective at getting rid of these unwanted visitors, they can have tragic effects on our pets. Whether your pet directly ingests the rodenticide or consumes a mouse that has eaten the rodenticide, it can be a very dangerous situation. Always use mouse and rat poison carefully, only putting it in areas that are inaccessible to your pet. If you suspect your pet has ingested rodenticides, call your vet immediately.

Holiday treats and décor

Halloween candy is just as tempting for our pets as it is for us, and by now most of us know that chocolate (and other candy) is not good for our four-legged friends. Keep the candy stowed away, out of your pet’s reach. If your pet has a tendency to eat or simply chew on off-limits items, décor can be a danger also. Know your pet, and keep potential hazards out of their reach.

Yard dangers

Although there’s arguably no better time of year to be outdoors with your pet, there are some hazards that may be lurking in your own backyard. Certain kinds of mushrooms (appropriately named “death cap mushrooms”), fall-blooming plants such as chrysanthemums, and even composting areas (which are often filled with mold and potential allergens) can pose health risks if consumed. Check your yard regularly for any of these hazards to help safeguard your pets.

For many of us, fall is a great time for making memories with family. Let’s keep our furry family members safe and happy this season!

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