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The Paw Print

Dogs | September 1, 2020

Dog-Friendly Fruits and Vegetables 

As dog lovers, it’s natural that we want to occasionally treat our furry friends to something more delectable than dry or canned dog food. Our pets (aka fur babies) deserve […]

Critter Chatter | August 6, 2020

Hip & Joint Health Tips for Dogs of All Ages

Critter Chatter by Dr Phil Start a little movement in your sacroiliac Wiggle like a snake, wobble like a duck Frank Sinatra,The Columbia Years (1943–52) According to some estimates, one […]

Dogs | July 30, 2020

Calming Dog Massage Techniques

If your dog has anxiety, then you’re probably familiar with the struggle to naturally calm them down.  Whether it’s trying to nail down the root of the problem, finding the […]

Cats | June 25, 2020

DIY Summer Frozen Pet Treats for Dogs and Cats

If summer is hot for you, then it’s definitely hot for your fur babies, too! While you’re treating yourself to yummy hydrating foods or delicious summer water-infusions, your K9 and […]

Cats | June 4, 2020

The Cat Personality Breakdown by Breed Traits

CRITTER CHATTER by Dr. Phil It’s Saturday night What could be better?Than crocheting cat names all over my sweater Granger Smith I Happen to like Cats Cats are often depicted […]

Critter Chatter | May 18, 2020

Shelter Dog Adoption, What You Need to Know

CRITTER CHATTER by Dr. Phil Just when you think you’re up a dreary canyon , a puppy’s love can bring you close to home. The Kingston Trio,Oh, Yes, Oh! Shelter […]

Dogs | May 1, 2020

Homemade Pill Pockets

The life of a pet parent is equal parts; don’t eat that, combined with PLEASE eat this. The second part comes into play, especially when attempting to medicate our pups, […]