Adorable Pictures of Loveable Puppies | Happy National Puppy Day (March 23)

March 23rd is National Puppy Day, one of our favorite pet holidays of the year. Why is it that so many people adore puppies? Well, we think it’s because they are so stinking adorable! What better way to celebrate National Puppy Day than to share pictures of adorable puppies? We can’t think of a better way.

Don’t you just want to pick him up and cuddle him?

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Tips for Pet Dental Care | from Sparky the Dog

February was Pet Dental Month! What a great way to help pet owners remember that dental care is super important, even for dogs and cats. Instead of telling you of the many reasons why you should brush your pet’s teeth – you probably already know those – I’d like to share a few tips in getting the job done.

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10 Reasons Why Being a Dog is Pawsome

By Sparky

There are many reasons why being a dog is amazing. As 2017 begins and we say so long to 2016, I find myself thinking about exactly how lucky I am to be where I am today.

I’ve been through a lot this past year. I met my 21st Century Animal HealthCare family and became their canine pet representative in the great state of Arizona, was introduced to Simon, and learned a lot about living a happy and healthy life.

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