5 Pet Themed Books to Read by a Cozy Fire

Is the weather getting cold in your corner of the world? There are many wonderful indoor activities you can partake in during the chilly winter months. Here’s a cute idea we came up with to help you make it through winter while still enjoying yourself. This winter, try reading these five pet-related books to yourself or out loud to your furry friend. For added appeal, sit by a cozy fireplace to help with the ambiance and mood.

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National Answer Your Cat’s Question Day

cat face

It’s the day your cat has been waiting for all year… no, not her birthday. January 22nd was National Answer Your Cat’s Questions Day! If you’ve ever owned a cat, you know they make no reservations about sharing their opinions in various ways, but have you ever wondered what they might be curious about? We have 5 guesses. These are the questions we think our cats are dying to ask, and the answers we’d give them.

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5 Tips for Destructive Pets

dog biting shoes by stairs

Anyone who has ever owned a puppy or a kitten knows just how much destruction one tiny package can contain. But what if the destruction doesn’t end as your pet matures? Are you destined to live in a disaster zone for the rest of your pet’s life? Not necessarily. If your pet has earned a middle name like “Disaster,” “Trouble,” or “Mayhem,” the following 5 destructive behavior tips were written for you.

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Kicking Pet Odors to the Curb

As pet lovers, the concessions we are willing to make to keep our companions in our homes are nearly limitless. Arranging our homes so they have access to their comfiest sleeping spots while we’re at work. Keeping only pet-safe houseplants. Wearing only colors that compliment/disguise our pet’s fur (or at very least, eradicating most of our black clothing).

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Resolving Indoor Pet Accidents

Congratulations! Your pet is finally house trained. You’ve got a steady routine in place for regular bathroom breaks, he goes right away when you let him out, and it’s been a long time since his last accident… until now.

We’ve all been there and with a little research and a solid game plan, you and your pet can get through it. Before you can fix it, it’s important to determine the root of the issue.

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How to Keep Your Pet Active in the Winter Months

With dropping temperatures, the allure of your cozy couch and favorite blanket can be stronger than ever. Resist the urge to let your pet (and yourself!) become a couch potato this winter. Although the weather outside might be frightful, your pet still needs regular exercise to maintain optimal health and well-being.

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6 Steps to Help Train Your Puppy or Dog

Did you know that undesirable pet behavior is one of the leading reasons people re-home their pet or take them to an animal shelter? Training a pet properly can be a hard task. There’s so much for them to learn and many different ways of doing it. But don’t worry! Resources and help are out there. With a little research and a lot of patience, you’ll find your pet following rules like a champ in no time!

January is pet training month. It’s the perfect opportunity to brush up on your pet training skills. This post should help motivate you to get the job done!

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New Year’s Resolutions for Pet Owners

Want to drop a few pounds? Pick up a healthy habit or drop an unhealthy one? Get more organized? These are all common New Year’s resolutions you might hear around the water cooler in January, but what about our four-legged family members? Healthy changes aren’t just for humans- maybe Fluffy or Fido is ready to make a change for the better as well. Read on to find out how to make 2018 the healthiest year yet for you and your furry friends.

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Why Pets Do Not Make Great Holiday Gifts

It’s hard to resist those adorable furry faces! We totally get it. Giving the gift of unconditional love (a.k.a. a cuddly puppy or kitten) seems like a great idea, yes, but there are so many things to take into consideration before buying someone a pet. Whether it’s for your household or someone else’s home, take time to make sure this is exactly what he or she needs.

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CRITTER CHATTER: New Years Resolutions with Charlotte

by Dr. Phil

“And baby, let’s make promises that we can keep and call it a New Year’s resolution” Otis Redding The Otis Redding Story Album

Every December, especially after a quick glance in the mirror, I decide once again to be a new person, one that eats only healthful meals, skips between-meal snacks, exercises regularly and sleeps a full, peaceful night. Of course, most of these wishes are never fulfilled, but it got me thinking about what sort of New Year’s resolutions my dog Charlotte might make. So I sat down with her the other night on her mat, and she passed along some resolutions that will help her stay healthy and active and live a long life.

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