Quick Tips and Fun Ways to Include Your Pet on your Big Day

include pet at wedding

(Cue wedding music now) Here comes the cat. All dressed in…?  Wait. What? Did you just say CAT?

Yes, we said cat.

Did you know that thousands of humans include their pet each year in their big day? Do you have a big day approaching and want to have your most loyal furry companion at your side? You’ve come to the right blog.

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Dog Training Education Month


train dog

February is dog training education month. The Paw Print Blog would like to take a moment to remind pet parents why a well-trained pet is great for everyone! Here’s what you can do to get there.

Dogs around the world could use a little extra training.

There are many dogs out there that could benefit from dog training and education. Whether it’s a puppy or an older dog that never received crucial training strategies, many different types of training are equally important.

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15 Reasons Why Pets Make Great Co-Workers

Not everyone has a traditional 9-to-5 job. Some people work from home completely, while others visit the office only a few days a week. Many people are in sales and work strictly from home or from the road. Whatever type of work you do and where, having a pet accompany you might not be that bad of an idea.

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To Travel with Your Pet or Not to Travel? That’s a good question.

Are you planning a nice summer vacation with the family? Or are you without school age children and want to get away to somewhere warmer? Either way, you don’t have to leave the pets at home. Don’t spend another dime on boarding pets if you don’t have to. There are many things you can do to make traveling with pets an enjoyable experience.

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