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The Paw Print

Dogs | July 10, 2019

Why Does My Dog Eat Grass?

As dog-lovers, there are certain common mysteries we all seek to understand. Why is my dog’s poop white? How many times does my dog need to circle before he can […]

Dogs | June 24, 2019

How to Handle Firework Fear

On paper, the traditional activities for the Fourth of July probably sound pretty great to your dog. They get to spend the day with friends and family (more people means […]

Cats and Dogs | June 18, 2019

Beat the Heat With a Frozen Treat

The dog days of summer are upon us! When it comes to enjoying the summer season, there’s no better way to kick back and relax than with a frozen treat. […]

Cats | June 10, 2019

5 Cat Breeds That Love Water

Of all of our beloved pets, cats tend to be the most mysterious and consequently, are a lightning rod for widely perpetuated myths and rumors. Just a few of the […]

Cats and Dogs | June 5, 2019

How to Manage a Multiple Pet Household

It all started so innocently with one little puppy… until you rescued that stray kitten, and then another one. Before you know it, you’re outnumbered by your furry friends and […]

Cats and Dogs | June 3, 2019

CRITTER CHATTER: Summer Heat Risks

“Hot, Hot, Hot” -Buster Poindexter There is good news for folks in the Midwest and other areas where pets and people are currently shivering in frigid weather conditions. According to […]

Cats and Dogs | May 29, 2019

Recognizing Signs of Stress in Your Pet

It’s probably a holdover from our youth but for many of us, the thought of the summer season conjures up memories of sleeping in, family vacations, and long leisurely days. […]

Cats and Dogs | May 22, 2019

Summer Bucket List for Pet Owners

The school year is ending, temperatures are rising, and the days are getting longer… the summer season is quickly approaching! We always want to make the most out of every […]

Dogs | May 20, 2019

4 Ways to Keep Your Dog Looking its Best

Have you ever heard the old adage that “when you look good, you feel good”? We can’t be sure, but we think the same probably holds true for our pets. […]