Warm Weather Reminders for Pet Owners

Cute terrier in the waterIt’s probably safe to say that you’re experiencing incredibly warm temperatures in your corner of the world. Here in Arizona, we’ve hit the triple digits multiple times! Hot weather can be great, especially if you enjoy being outside in the pool or at the splash park. But what about our furry friends? You have heard it before and you’ll hear it again: high humidity and scorching temperatures can be incredibly dangerous for our four-legged companions. Let’s chat about ways to keep your pet comfortable while spending time outside.

This post is a reminder of the most important things to do to help ensure the safety of your pets during the dog days of summer. Read the following suggestions for a quick refresher if you plan to be outside with your pet this summer. As always, have fun and stay safe!

Water, water and more water. If you are planning to be outside with your pet any longer than 5 to 10 minutes, make sure there is fresh water readily available. Put the bowl of water near a shaded area, if possible, to keep the sun from beating down on them as they drink. If you are out and about, bring a bottle of water and a collapsible bowl for easy storage.

Time for a spa day! Do you have a breed of dog with thick or long hair? Now is the time to chop it off. Visit the groomer frequently during the hot summer months to maintain a shorter and cooler coat for your pet. Consider purchasing clippers for yourself to keep up with their hair in between visits. Tip: Some dogs can get a sunburn. Be sure to apply sunscreen to their skin if you do get their hair cut short or if they have white hair, short hair or light colored fur. Pit Bulls are especially susceptible to sunburns.

Don’t leave your pet in the car. You knew this one was going to come up, didn’t you? This is just an important reminder to never leave your pet in the car, even for a few minutes. Simply don’t do it.

Avoid hot cement. You may not notice it on your feet, but driveways and sidewalks can get dangerously hot this time of the year. In Arizona some forms of artificial grass can also get uncomfortably warm. If you want to take you dog for a walk, do so while it’s cooler outside. Some people even use little booties for their pet to protect their paws. Take this tip seriously. Hot cement can severely burn the soft pads of their paws. Ouch!

Not all dogs want to swim. If you’ve always owned Labrador Retrievers your entire life, you may not believe this one. Some dogs can’t and don’t want to swim! You might think that spending a day at the lake with your dog is a great way to encourage exercise and swimming, while cooling off. You could be wrong. Some dogs simply don’t want to get wet. Be conscious of this before you take your dog swimming.

There are many things to keep in mind during the hot summer months and these are just a few. If you take the time to plan ahead and remember a few of these quick tips you might be able to avoid a serious problem like heat stroke. Do you have any other warm weather tips to share with fellow pet owners? Join in the conversation on our Facebook page and let us know what you do to keep your pets comfortable.

Making Memories on Memorial Day

Cute Boston Terrier Dog Wearing Fourth of July Stars and StripesMemorial Day is right around the corner (May 30th) and this great anniversary represents several things around the country, including honor to the men and women who died while serving in the U.S. military. In some parts of the world, it also indicates that the weather is starting to get warmer and summer is upon us! In some cases, it means that public pools will now be open for swimming. Doesn’t that just make you want to smile? Summer and swimming!

The summer months open up many opportunities for pet owners and pets, especially if you live in colder areas in the United States. Do you have any plans for Memorial Day yet? Will you be enjoying a dip in the pool or a nice family barbeque over the long weekend?

Sometimes it’s hard to decide how to celebrate this important holiday, so we’ve come up with a few ideas to help you enjoy the festivities. And this year, why not include your pets or at least think ahead when it comes to the long weekend?

Do you have a nervous pet? Be sure to try out our Essential Pet Products for Dogs and for Cats. Several holidays in the summer months tend to be a bit more rambunctious and unpredictable for pets. This could cause them to feel anxious. Using a calming product can help ease the tension. Essential Pet Products are available exclusively at PetSmart stores nationwide. It’s a great idea to get started on a daily calming product right now before the hustle-and-bustle begins.

Plan a picnic and bring along your 4-legged friends. Have you ever had a wonderful lake outing with your pets? For some dog breeds, being near the water and open grassy areas is like heaven on earth. Have fun and be sure to bring lots of H2O for you and your dog.

Is your pet a bit antisocial? If you have a pet that doesn’t like to be around the festivities, it is important to plan ahead. Take your dog on a nice long walk before you have guests over. Play with your cat for 30 minutes to help her get some exercise. Give them a calming chewable and allow them to take it easy. You might also consider having your dog or cat isolated in a room where she or he feels most comfortable.

Are you going on a road trip? You don’t have to leave your pet at home or at an overnight care facility. Consider taking your dog or cat with you! Many hotels now accommodate pets both big and small. And, please, if you have a pet that enjoys the windy breeze ride for a bit with the windows down. Let’s face it. Dogs love feeling the fresh air on their skin.

Does your pet need a summer hobby? Stop in to your local pet specialty store and see what fun summer toys are out there for pets. On Memorial Day, you can spend some quality time with your pet teaching him or her how to use the new toy. Does your dog like to fetch? There are a lot of innovative new fetch toys for sale. We’ll see you at PetSmart!

There are many great ways to have a fun time on Memorial Day. The key is to not exclude your pets. It’s true, some pets want to stay away from the noise and ruckus. But you can still make this day special for everyone. Even if you’re having a party or planning an outing, take some time to enjoy the holiday with your furry companion too. There are many things you can do to help show your pet you care.