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Counteract the effects of dog urine on lawns

If you have dogs, especially large female dogs, then you probably have yellow or dead spots in your lawn created by their urine. It’s worse with female dogs that typically have stronger urine, and also squat in the same spots, but occurs with male dogs, too. (Life note: male dogs just lift a leg wherever they are at the moment, but the ladies try to remain a bit more organized in their elimination rituals.)

21st Century Lawn SaverYour dog’s urine is highly acidic and can kill the grass it comes in contact with, similar to burning a lawn with over-fertilization. There are products like Lawn Saver® which is produced by 21st Century, that help to counteract the effects of dog urine on lawns. It helps maintain your green lawn where your dogs live and play. Lawn Saver helps reduce yellow spots caused by pet urine.

Another way to combat urine burn is to train your dog to do his business in one area of the yard that has been designated as his personal bathroom. It’s a good idea to segregate that spot with river pebbles, sand or even artificial turf. This way, you can clean it up easily. This one shouldn’t be too difficult; afterall, you trained the dog not to pee in the house, and this is just another step along those same lines.

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