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Spring Cleaning for Pet Parents

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Spring is here! And along with it comes warmer weather, longer days, and everyone’s favorite… spring cleaning! While spring cleaning might not be at the top of your list for favorite spring activities, we can all admit that we love the feeling once it’s complete!

When you’re a pet parent, spring cleaning comes with a few additional chores, but considering the snuggles, love, and companionship, it’s well worth it. As you start to tackle your spring-cleaning list, don’t forget to add these 5 additional tasks to your list, Fido or Fluffy will thank you!


Wash soft toys, blankets, and bedding in the washing machine using hot water. Clean and sanitize crates, food and water bowls, hard toys, and litter boxes with a half and half solution of vinegar and water, mild dishwashing detergent and water, or another pet-safe solution.

Pet Hair

Pet hair can get everywhere! Especially if your pet breed is a certified shedder, spring to early summer can be the worst time for this hairy situation. Vacuuming regularly will help keep hair and dander under control; make sure to get under furniture, on window-sills, and in your pet’s favorite spots. Rubber gloves can help remove more hair from furniture and upholstery, dampen the gloves and rub them along areas where hair collects on furniture and curtains.  

Collars, Leashes & Tags

Your pets get dirty and so do their collars and leashes. Spring is a great time to check their accessories and see if they are frayed or worn out and need replacing. You can add fabric collars, bandanas, and other accessories to the washing machine with their bedding. It’s also a great time to check if your pets’ tags are still legible and that their rabies tag and microchip are in good shape and up to date.

Food & Treats

It’s a great time of year to go through your pantry to check for expired food, treats, medicine and supplements. You can also take stock of flea and tick medicine and make an appointment to see your veterinarian if they’re running low or are due for shots.

Don’t forget your pets.

Your pets themselves probably need a deep cleaning! Give them a thorough brush, trim their nails, and, for your dogs, a nice bath to get the dirt out and leave them shiny and clean. Brush them again after the bath to remove loose hair and detangle any matted areas. As for your feline friends, they are very good self-groomers, but some recommend a bath once or twice a year. If your cat is accustomed to baths from kittenhood, now is a good time. If not, the attempt might be stressful for them.

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