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Playtime: The Importance of Toys for your Cat

Pet Playtime ToysAlthough indoor cats don’t have to hunt for their food, they still have the urge to pounce. Toys are extremely important to the health and happiness of your cat. Something as simple as a ball to roll around, or a stick with a string and a toy attached, can amuse an indoor cat for hours. Taking a more realistic approach, you can give your cat a fake mouse that moves or makes noise.

A variety of toys, given sporadically, then hidden for awhile so they don’t lose their novelty is a MUST for indoor cats. Toys don’t have to be expensive, either. Most cats love to chase wadded up aluminum foil, and chomp on plastic drinking straws. You can try hiding your cat’s favorite toys before you leave in the morning, and create a sort of “treasure hunt” for him, which will engage his love of the hunt. (Make sure he sees you hiding at least a few of the toys!!) A special new toy with fresh catnip will often keep your cat entertained for hours.

It isn’t difficult to keep you indoor cat healthy and happy. All it takes is providing your cat with privacy, a comfortable place to sleep, something to scratch, an appropriate litter box, and most importantly, toys! Keeping your cat happy and healthy will not only increase their happiness, but yours as well.

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