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Thinking About Getting Your Own Cat

Choosing a Cat
Should I get a cat from a shelter or a breeder? Choosing the right cat for you is the smartest way to choose a cat. Many of us believe that by choosing a cat from a specific breed we will be assured of a cat with specific personality type. Although it is true that most cat breeds are known to have certain traits, cats are very much individuals and a cat of a breed noted for its independence could be in fact very dependent.

Modern Siamese cats, for example are known to be very vocal, but that does not mean they all are and the feline that you select may be very quiet. Ragdolls are known as the gentle giants of the cat world and generally they are, but the odd one may be far from amiable. A cat’s personality does not depend just on the breed but also upon the personalities of the parents and the social order it was introduced to as a kitten. However many people choose a pedigree kitten because they know what size, weight, coat pattern and looks the cat is likely to have as an adult.

Choosing a Cat – Non Pedigree
The vast majority of cats are not purebred, pedigree cats but non-pedigree domestic cats often referred to as moggies. Non-pedigree cats may not have a verifiable lineage, but can be very lovable cats, as can any pedigree, and every bit as beautiful as well. Non-pedigree cats and kittens are almost always available from animal shelters, and these may be the best places from which to choose the right cat for you. Not only are they likely to have a selection of fabulous kittens but adult cats too. Choosing a cat from an animal rescue center (shelter) makes the best sense because sadly, far too many good healthy cats are destroyed each year due to overpopulation

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that the cats in animal shelters were given up by their owners because they were bad pets. In the main, these cats are there through changed circumstances of their owners, a family tragedy perhaps or the owner took on the cat without understanding the responsibility and care a pet needs. The cats are not there because they themselves are defective. Many animal shelters go to a lot of trouble to match you up with the right cat for your family. They will often follow up with you after you have chosen your cat to ensure that all is well with you and your new pet.

Kitten or Adult?
Kittens are irresistibly cute, no doubt about that, but are not always the best choice for adoption. Kittens demand a lot of attention, time and care. A kitten will need litter box training and will require feeding several times a day. Kitties are full of curiosity and into everything, they learn about life by investigating things. Be prepared for a little damage to your treasured possessions during these investigations. An adult cat on the other hand will often settle in right away and prefer to observe his or her new domain from their favorite spot.

Children love kittens and love to play with them. Kittens love playing too, but don’t know yet how to control their sharp claws and teeth. Also children can unknowingly be a little rough with a kitten and may cause it harm. Adult cats that have been used to family life will often be unruffled by youngsters and will just slink away when play gets out of hand.

Choosing a Cat: Decision Time
You have an idea of the sort of cat that you want, you have decided between an adult cat or a kitten, and you have arranged for a viewing at your local animal shelter. Ask the staff for help with choosing the right cat for you. They will be pleased to tell you about the behavior of individual cats and kittens. Remember that a kitten that is shy of humans will likely make an aloof cat. Likewise a cat that is eager to greet you will most probably always be demanding for attention.

You may have a preference for a particular coat pattern. You may have your thoughts on a flaming orange cat, or maybe a mysterious black cat. But you just may be shown a captivating tiger tabby that steals your heart clean away. Cats may have a little say in choosing us as well as us choosing them.

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