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5 Ways to Help Your Dog Feel Like a Puppy Again

Is your dog getting older? Is her hair starting to turn a little gray? You grew up together! Your child now has a close personal relationship with your sweet four-legged friend than you do. This just can’t be happening.

Seeing the signs of aging in your furry family member is never easy, especially when it’s health related. Luckily, we have a few tips to help your dog feel like a puppy again. It might even make you feel better about the situation, too. Always be sure to talk to your veterinarian before changing your pet’s routine or diet.

Give one or more of these easy tips a try and let us know how it helps you and your aging pet. Good luck and have fun!

1. Play ball! When was the last time you played ball with your dog? It’s never too late to spend quality time with your pet. Being a little lazy with your pet is not uncommon, especially when times are busy at home. Help your dog feel like a puppy again by reintroducing her to some of the old games you use to play. Dedicate at least 15 minutes a day to this re-introduction. Smile, laugh, pet and hold your dog close. Appreciate her like she deserves. Make her feel young again!

2. Give your dog a joint supplement. Is your dog less active than in previous years? It could be because her hip and joints need some extra support. Try 21st Century Animal HealthCare’s Hip and Joint supplements with glucosamine and chondroitin. They are veterinarian formulated and will provide optimal support for your pet’s joint function. The full line of Hip & Joint supplements provides the correct level of relief for your pet’s age and needs. See all hip and joint care options for 21st Century Pet here.

3. Try new things. Why is it that when we’re young we try new things without hesitation (except green and smelly foods, of course) and genuinely enjoy these new adventures? Try something fresh with your pet. Are you both set in a boring routine? Mix it up by visiting a new dog park or a pet-friendly restaurant downtown. Get out of the house with your pooch. You both might discover something you never thought you’d like! It might even make you feel younger again!

4. Give your dog a daily multi-vitamin. 21st Century Animal Healthcare has a multi-vitamin and mineral supplement specially formulated for senior dogs. It is highly palatable and easy to chew. Our daily vitamins for dogs are formulated specifically for your pet’s age.

5. Walk regularly. Exercise is great for your dog even if it’s a short leisurely walk. Just like for humans, it’s important to keep the body active and moving. Have you gotten out of the habit of taking your dog for a walk? Your dog could feel great taking regular walks again. Start off slow and gradually work your way up to a longer trip. Remember to bring water, just in case. If your dog is not regularly walking, she might need a few breaks here and there. Once you see that your dog is feeling tired, head home and go out again the following day. Remember not to push your aging dog too much.   

We hope you try one of these five helpful tips to help your dog feel like a puppy again. Age is just a number, right? As your pet ages, embrace the change and adapt to his or her needs. Is she no longer able to jump on the bed? Get her a ramp. Is the food harder for her to chew? Put a little water in the bowl to make it softer. There are many tips about how to help your aging pet feel more comfortable. Bottom Line: It’s never too late to help your dog feel loved and happier than ever before.

Photo Credit: Top photo from flickr by, Lower image from flicjkr by Liz White.

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