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NEW! Essential Pet Salmon Oil Products

27822 Sleeve EPD Focus MCT Lqd 18oz_1215 copyEssential Pet has a new Salmon Oil product with a unique bottle and drip free cap valve. The bottle stands on its cap and is easy to hold to dispense the salmon oil. Simply hold vertically above your measuring spoon, squeeze and dispense. The oil flows out in a steady stream. The minute you stop squeezing the valve reseals and there are no drips and no sticky mess running down the bottle side to clean up. An added bonus for this cap and bottle is you can easily dispense down to the last drop of salmon oil, something traditional pump dispenser bottles have a hard time doing.

Essential Pet Salmon oil products come in three different supplement types:

Essential Pet Shine is pure Alaska Wild® salmon oil with high levels of the Omega 3 fatty Acids DHA and EPA. This tasty supplement, with a natural rich red color that shows its purity, helps promote healthy skin and coats that make your pet shine.

Essential Pet Flex Glucosamine with Alaska Wild® salmon oil has the added benefit of 250mg of Glucosamine Hydrochloride per serving to support premium mobility of your pet. Combined with the Omega 3 fatty acids from the salmon oil this tasty liquid supplement is a great way to put bounce back into your pet’s step and let their skin and coat shine with health.

Our latest and most innovative product in the salmon oil collection features MCT (Medium Chain Triglycerides) from Coconut oil for brain function and energy support. MCT helps support premium Mind Health by supplying an energy boost directly to the brain that can have your pet thinking and acting like they were many years younger than their true age. This product is especially suited to aging pets that need that additional boost of energy to feel their best. With the base of Alaska Wild® salmon oil this truly unique product can help your pet shine with health and energy and get back to the important task of playing with you the pet parent.

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