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Is Your Pet Showing Signs of Skin Sensitivities? We Can Help!

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Skin sensitivities are a common ailment for pets. Although they can be worse during seasons such as spring and summer, pets can be bothered by them year round. Any pet can develop skin sensitivities, but they are extremely common in certain breeds of dog such as the pug or bulldog.

If your pet is experiencing skin sensitivities, they will most commonly be plagued with symptoms such as red or scabbed skin, runny eyes, sneezing, constant licking, swollen paws, and hair loss. Your pet may be constantly scratching or licking certain areas such as their paws, which will cause hair loss and red, scratchy skin. This can be very painful and irritating to our four legged friends.

The causes of these sensitivities can be anything from pollens, household dust, dander and even certain fabrics in the pet’s bedding. Also, fleas can be a real pest when it comes to skin sensitivities. Not only do they latch on pets and bite, but they can cause extreme skin irritations. Flea irritates usually occur on the back or at the base of the tail.

Essential Pet has a variety of products to relieve and soothe the itchy effects of skin sensitivities:

  • Brewers Yeast for Dogs is a wonderful support product for our pets skin and coats. It comes in a bottle of 1,000 Chewables and contains ingredients such as garlic, B vitamins and minerals.
  • A variety of hydrocortisone products are great for helping ease your pets skin irritations and providing soothing relief.
  • Your vet may recommend Omega-3, which is the main ingredient in our Salmon Oil Alaska Wild for Dogs. Salmon oil will soothe and calm your pet’s dry, irritated skin, and promote healing.

Some pets can have adverse reactions to food ingredients. If so, they will have the same symptoms as with any other skin sensitivity, as well as vomiting and diarrhea. Finding the the cause of the irritant can be very helpful. Diet and environment can be modified to better suit the pet’s allergies. However, there are preventative options available.

Whether they are used as a preventative, or to help soothe a current condition, all of these products are great for skin sensitivities and improving your pet’s coat. And always remember, if you have any questions about our products just ask. We are here to help!

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