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Making Road Trips Calmer for Pets

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Road trips can be very stressful for our furry family members. Unlike humans, pets do not understand where they are going or why they are being placed in a moving box on wheels. This can put them through a lot of stress and discomfort. There are, however, some ways we can help to calm our pets during road trips.

A great idea to start out with, is to exercise and play with your pet right before the road trip. This will tucker them out, and they will hopefully do a lot of sleeping while in the car. This will also put them in a positive mood. Us humans need to keep a positive attitude as well. Animals can sense a change in emotions. So, if we are nervous about getting them in the car and on the road, they will sense this, and their demeanor will mirror yours.

Pet-EZE™ Soft Chews and tablets are a wonderful way to offer calming support to your pet for a road trip. There is also a brand for toy breeds. Pet-EZE paw paste is a calming, vet formulated, support formula that you place on your pet’s paw once daily and is specially formulated for our feline friends.

The dosage depends on the size of the animal. This is a simple way to help calm your pet, with no side effects or risks. It can be used for more than just road trips. If you pet gets agitated over loud noises such as thunder or fireworks, Pet-EZE is wonderful way to offer calming support to dogs and cats. Pet-Eze is exclusively available in PetSmart stores nationwide.  

Another idea if you are taking an extended road trip with your pets: take shorter car rides in preparation for the longer one. Allow your pet to get familiar with the space, put them in a crate that they are to use with a blanket they recognize. The more familiar and comfortable the space, the better.

We all love our pets and we want them to be as comfortable and happy as possible. Following some of these guidelines, in addition to using Pet-EZE can take the fear out of our fluffy pal’s lives. As pet owners, we want them to feel safe and comfortable! That’s our number one goal. It’s not always easy traveling with pets, but with the right training mixed with the right product, it can turn into a pleasant and fun experience. Have fun and stay safe!

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