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A Great Movie for all Ages: The Secret Life of Pets

13781931_746286338852423_1909496918626738666_nIsn’t it nice when you can find a movie that’s entertaining and appropriate for any age? For kids and adults who love and appreciate pets, The Secret Life of Pets is sure to please.

Have you ever wondered what your pet does or what he or she thinks while you are away from the home? This movie will answer that question and more. In fact, The Secret Life of Pets will most likely bring you closer to your pet than ever before. It leaves you wishing you could have brought your pet to the movies to cuddle with you while enjoying the flick. You might find yourself running home to show your pet some love immediately after movie night! Our guess is that thousands of pet owners will do just that.

About the Plot Line 

The Secret Life of Pets has many different types of pets with various personalities, which is what makes this adorable movie so entertaining. From big to small, furry to fur-less the movie does a great job representing many different types of pets and pet personalities. Does your pet have a personality? Of course he does!

The story introduces us to a lovable terrier named Max who is desperately in love with his loyal owner, Katie. Max has friends around the Manhattan apartment complex he socializes with while Katie is away to ‘who knows where’, but he is mostly concerned with when Katie will be home and desperately does not want her to leave each day.

Nothing could alter this soul mate relationship the two of them have had for almost his entire life, until one day Katie decides to bring home another dog that is quite the opposite of Max. The two dogs are instantly not the best of friends – to say the least. Max has a hard time sharing his home and his owner.

The Adventure Begins!

After a rough few hours in the apartment alone, the two dogs find themselves in a bigger predicament than they ever could have imagined. They end up outside deep within the the big city where they are introduced to a gang of feral cats (this part is hysterical). And that’s when the adventure and behind the scenes look into the life of pets starts.

The Secret life of Pets will keep you on the edge of your seat. It will have you smiling and laughing hysterically. It’s so good, you might find yourself watching it a time or two in theatres! This glimpse into what pets might be up to while humans are at work is creative and enjoyable for all ages. Go check it out! If you are a pet lover like us, you won’t regret it.

Fun side note: Like many movies, there are several jokes along the way that only the mature audience might find laughable. This adds a little more hilarity for the 18+ crowd. It’s always nice when the writers throw those in!

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