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Essential Pet Product Favorites

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Our trusted pet care products for dogs and cats have been available in PetSmart stores for about 15 years now – how the time flies. Here at the office in Tempe, we have our favorites that we give our pets and don’t plan to stray from those staples. Whether you have an older pet that could be on the brink of developing joint issues or a cat that suffers from excessive hairballs, we have products with formulations that can help. 21st Century Essential Pet products for dogs and cats offer solutions to many health care issues and needs.

Our Favorite Essential Pet Care Products Include:

  1. Essential Pet Hot Spot Spray is available for dogs and cats and is great to have handy around the house. It is a favorite among many pet people to help with dry skin irritations, itching and scratching. It offers fast relief that dogs and pet owners truly appreciate. Call this product a keeper!


  1. To help remove dirt and dissolve wax buildup from dog’s ears we use Essential Pet Clean Ear Cleansing Liquid. It works great and is very popular for many dog owners, including ourselves. We have several products for dog ear and eye care. If there is something else you are looking for, take a look here:


  1. Cats are natural self-groomers. In this self-grooming process, they ingest hair which can build up and cause hairballs. While cat’s have a natural ability to expel this ingested hair, brushing and supplementation with Essential Pet Hairball Soft Chews may help support this process.


  1. Hip and Joint care for ageing dogs is important. Are you currently using a joint supplement for dogs? Try Hip & Joint Mega-Max Care Soft Chews to support joints and mobility. A soft chew is an easy way to give your pet a rewarding treat that they will easily consume and enjoy.


  1. Does your pet show signs of stress? We have a product that offers calming support called Pet-EZE Soft Chews for Dogs. The next time you think your pet will be put in a stressful situation, start to give him or her a calming supplement a few days before and during the event to support their anxiety levels.


  1. If your pet is in need of a food supplement for pregnant or lactating dogs, try Essential Pet Milk Replacer for Dogs. Our milk replacer is designed to meet the nutritional needs of young puppies being weaned from their mother, or bottle-fed puppies progressing to solid foods. Give it a try!


We are curious about what you have in your cabinet? Do you have a favorite Essential Pet product that you simply can’t do without? Tell us more on our Facebook page. We’d enjoy hearing from you!

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