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9 Reasons to Visit the Veterinarian’s Office

Meet SimonBy Simon the Cat

Now I’m on a roll. Two blog posts in one month! Did you read my last post about ‘International Cat Day’? It’s not too late to tell us how you feel about making this important holiday every day of the year!

But let’s not get too distracted. I’m here to talk with pet parents and cats about the sometimes dreaded veterinarian office visits. There are many reasons to take you furry feline to the vet, but some people still skip this important duty. I’m sure there are many reasons why they skip, but I don’t want to focus on the negative today. My goal is to give you a few great reasons to take your cat to the vet and perhaps we can help convince people that an annual stop at the vet’s office is a good thing for many reasons. So, here we go… five reasons for owners to take their cats to the vet and five reasons for cats to not hate the vet’s office so much!

5 reasons for owners to take their cat to the vet:

  1. A vet might be able to spot any upcoming problems with your cat.
  2. The veterinarian will give you friendly reminders about the changing needs of your feline. Cats need different things as they age!
  3. You can voice your concerns and get answers from a professional.
  4. Your vet will check for pesky parasites and other unwanted issues with your cat. Who wants fleas and ticks? Not me!
  5. Get important tips that you most likely will not be able to find anywhere else.


4 reasons for cats to not get so worried about a visit to the vet’s office:

  1. You’re in good hands! Even if the vet pokes and prods, you should know that they have your best interests in mind. They are here to help you.
  2. If you go there with pain, you could quite possibly leave their office without it.
  3. Remember that saying about nine lives that you’ve heard about your entire life? A veterinarian can actually help you appreciate and utilize those lives more efficiently. Trust me. I’ve had my run in with bad luck myself.
  4. You might get a treat or extra play time because your owner feels sorry for you! Take advantage of it while you can.


Cats are incredibly popular in the United States, and yet, they are taken to the veterinarian less than our canine furrrends. Why is that? It’s likely because we are seen as more self sufficient and overall healthier. Who can blame them? As a feline myself, I must admit that I’m not always excited to got the veterinarian’s office. But I know it’s important to help me live my best life! I hope my tips help.

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