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 ‘International Cat Day’ Should be Every Day of the Year – #SimonSays


It’s been a little while since I’ve written for the blog and I feel purrrfectly terrible about it. I’ve been pretty busy around here with BlogPaws and another show I did with Simon called, SuperZoo. Now that those shows are over there’s just no excuse not to write to all of my furrrends to say hello.

For those of you unfamiliar with who I am, I’m Simon the cat. You can read my first blog post by clicking on this link. That post will tell you a little bit more about me! I started working with 21st Century Animal HealthCare a little while back. My furry co-worker is Sparky. So far I’ve realized that – aside from the fact that he is a dog. Sparky and I are completely opposite, but it works. Some people believe that having different personalities and traits is a difficult thing. I’m still undecided on that one. You’ll have to ask the staff here at the office. We never get into any cat/dog fights or even disagree on much. We just have different ways of doing things, that’s all. There’s really nothing wrong with that if you ask me.

Today’s post is about ‘International Cat Day’

‘International Cat Day’ is technically on August 8th. I missed writing this post on exact date this year, but I was celebrating for sure. Trust me. Everyone in the office was, too. I was most definitely getting extra love and fishy treats at the office on Monday. In fact, my main boss is from Scotland. He really appreciates a good international holiday! But this fun pet holiday got me thinking…

‘International Cat Day’ should not be one certain day of the year. It really should be every day of the year. My canine co-worker, Sparky, might not agree completely, but we don’t have to drag him into this. Don’t you think that cats deserve to be loved on and celebrated each and every day? I sure do! That’s why I’m asking you to make your love for cats known by commenting on this blog post. I will take the names of those commenting and add them to my personal petition. I haven’t figured out who to call or send the names to. I think I’ll figure that one out soon.

Just think about it. Cats work so hard to be sweet, smart, stealthy and simply purrrfect. We should be celebrated on more than one day out of the year. I know I have a great life here around the office. Don’t get me wrong. I really do. There’s no doubt about that. I’m mostly just doing this for my fellow feline friends – and for the extra treats. That would be a plus, of course. I won’t lie about that one!

Thank you for commenting to change ‘International Cat Day’ to every day of the year. I appreciate it – as do my fellow feline furrends. #SimonSays

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